Monday, 4 March 2019

Coordinates from January - February 2019

Are we two months done with 2019 already? Time really does fly! Here's a retrospective of the couple of lolita coordinates I wore over the last two months.

First of all, I wore lolita in January when James and I went with a friend to was the Aquaman movie, which I thought was actually pretty decent and rather better than I expected. I decided to wear lolita, and ran with a simple coord with one of my handmade skirts of comfort.

Skirt: Handmade
Cutsew: The Black Ribbon
Shoes: Metamorphose temps de fille
Bag: Innocent World
Brooch: Peppermint Fox
Everything else: Offbrand

Then my second coordinate of January was also to see another movie - this time James and I went to see Glass. I'm still not sure what my opinion of that film is! But one thing I know is that is really love the slightly OTT sweet outfit I wore for it ^__^

JSK & Shoes: Metamorphose temps de fille (Teddy Chocolatier)
Blouse: Bodyline
Bag (not pictured): Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Everything else: Taobao/offbrand

Aaand that's it. February was a bit of a crazy month for a number of reasons, and I felt off balance most of the time. But oh well. More month and more coordinates to come!


  1. That shade of mint suits you so well! Without meaning to enable your spending, I think you should get more mint pieces, especially in this shade. <3 (Also, agree that Aquaman was good and much better than anticipated. Fun, not taking itself too seriously and some good eye candy - I'm always up for that!)

    1. Thank you! I've fallen in love with mint and don't worry - you're not enabling, just confirming what I was already planning!