Wednesday, 9 May 2018

AYWI30C #4: A monochrome outfit

It feels like so long since my last post in this series! I feel a bit embarrassed, coming up with my own blogging challenge then taking a very long time to complete it…but what can I say, there were lots of things I needed to post in April! But oh well, I’m here now, exploring my wardrobe ^__^

The fourth prompt in Around Your Wardrobe in 30 Coordinates is monochrome. Now, I could have gone solid colour monochrome with an 100% black outfit, but black photographs terribly, so instead I wanted to run with brown. And because I’m me – fawn fur.

For this coordinate I wanted to use a whole lot of mis-matched fawn fur and go in a bit of a cute direction, despite the foundation dress leaning more classic than sweet. And I think I did a pretty good job. I love that I’m using fawn fur from three (maybe four) different sources and it still all looks nice together.

It was weird for me to not add more flowers to a floral but I really enjoyed running with bows as the secondary motif. Bows are such fun to add to everything!

I also really loved getting to pull out my fawn fur gloves for this coordinate. They are so cute, and so ridiculous, I love them.

The only thing in this outfit that breaks the monochrome is the bag. But that’s okay, I’m not a person who gets fussed over having bags that match completely. As long as they gel well aesthetically, which this does, it’s fine by me. I mean, sure, it breaks the monochrome “rule” of this prompt, but I didn’t have anything that matched properly! And of all my not-matching handbags, this one worked the best.

All in all I love this outfit and I really, really want to wear it sometime soon!


  1. This is such a beautiful outfit! You say it leans Sweet, but to me is still presents very Classic: it's elegant and kinda vintage with all the quirky mismatched parts, the floral print and the gobelin bag (which doesn't break your monotone by that much and it does go really well with the dress). This is something a posh Victorian or Edwardian lady would wear for a stroll in the park on a slightly chilly autumn day - only a cute parasol to lean on is missing, but hey, let's assume it's an overcast dry day :P Please, please, wear this out one day, it deserves to be seen in all its glory!

    1. I'm so glad you like it! I am totally planning a photoshoot at some stage, it's just too cute not to wear!

      And in retrospect yeah, I think you're right, it's still classic. Just a rather cutesy classic!