Thursday, 31 May 2018

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: May 2018

I think I'm in denial that May is over. Five months of the year gone already (and three to go until I get married!) is just surreal. But let's not think of that and instead enjoy some of the lolita blog pots from the past month.

Japan 2018 * Day 5-9 * Kyoto + Uji + Osaka from Puppenschloss
I really enjoy reading travel reports when they align with my interests; I very much want to go to Japan at some stage but until then I like to read about other people's experiences. 

Thana Lilvia from Sanakanin
Follow the link for a picture of Thanos in Innocent World - the crossover you didn't know you needed until you saw it. Also a cute outfit, but mostly Thanos.

Angelic Pretty Doll's Tea Party from Ruban Rose
I get very excited whenever this blogger buys a new dress because it always means fabulous detail photos and a cute coordinate as well!

Angelic Pretty Romantic Rose Letter Special Set 2018 + Sunny Shopping Tokyo SS from Saxon Blues
Oh my goodness, the RRL special set was so cute. I was tempted to buy it in lavender, but resisted...even though I'm not being as good at not spending much as I wanted to be I am being somewhat good! But that doesn't stop me from vicariously enjoying other people's purchases.

In memoriam of the amazing time we had // 10 day Lolita Challenge from Poppy Noir
As a pretty introverted person, I really enjoy reading about people's experiences at events and this was a nice two in one reflection.

Back from Hiatus, 2017 in a Flash~ from Bonniviwii
I'm always happy when bloggers return to their blogs, so I couldn't not share this post. Also, she shares soooo many cute outfits it's a feast for the eyes as well.

365 LLC Days 138 - 140: Of Unloved Dresses, Spots In Town, & Unique Accessories from The Bloody Tea Party
I don't remember if I have shared any of these posts before, so just in case I want to start with saying...oh my goodness, someone is actually doing the year-long lifestyle lolita challenge! That's blogging dedication, just wow. And for some reason, this three-day post just really grabbed by attention.

Weekend Double Bill from Cupcake Kamisama
Two meets in one weekend? I think I died a little just reading that! But it sounds like a lot of fun too, and it was great to see this blogger try a new style as well.

So that's May done and dusted...bring on June!


  1. What? Only three months until the wedding? That's mad! :O

    1. Haha yep! I'm realising now I may not have mentioned that in my original post but we're having a pretty short engagement followed by a fun little elopement. End of August! I have no idea where the year has gone so far...but I'm excited!