Tuesday, 22 May 2018

AYWI30C #5: An unexpected colour combination

When I came to this prompt I started cursing myself – why did I make this challenge an actual challenge for myself? I don’t own unexpected colours! My wardrobe actually has a really limited colour palette of colours that either work together, or that I can’t stand together. So I was pretty stumped for a while!

But then I realised that unexpected doesn’t have to mean something that hasn’t been done before; it just has to be unexpected. So I decided to actually try some new (to me) things; multiple pastel colours and bringing in non-lolita offbrand items. And I fell head over heels for the casual sweet coordinate I created.

Like, this should bug me, it really should. The colour balance isn’t even but I think that it’s so busy, and so colourful, that it’s all okay. I mean sure, a lavender headbow and mint shoes would probably make me a little happier, but I don’t care – I love this look exactly as is! And I am going to wear a variation on this soon. A few tweaks, to make it actually fit me comfortably, but the same general concept.

Because how cute are all the accessories? I’m kind of starting to love bracelet stacking and having bows on my bows. What’s also funny is that, once worn, this pile of accessories wouldn’t even seem like all that much.

And you know how earlier I said that mint shoes would be an improvement? They would be, but at the same time I am really digging the neutral shoes and bag. It keeps the look from being too OTT and also by not using by the book colour balance it keeps things feeling a bit more casual. So actually, I take it back. I love the colour balance in this coord just as it is.

It probably helps that this is my current favourite t-shirt. It’s from TeePublic (best site for shirts, hands down) and it proved to me that I can wear mint. Which may be dangerous in lolita terms…

And I also just realised while writing this post, well after I took pictures, that I should have used my Madillustration Rose Water brooch instead of the Macaron Box. Ooops!

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling about how cute this outfit is now, but man, I’m loving this challenge so far. This may have been an unexpected colour combo for me, but I don’t think it will stay that way!

PS Have a bonus photo of Panda getting in the way ^__^


  1. This is such a great look! It reminds me a bit of fairy-kei, the feeling of controlled chaos and mish-mash of colours that still end up working together. Although I think I just like the T-shirt and skirt combo most - I'd never think of putting the two together, yet they work so well!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like it! And good point...I probably was subconsciously influenced by fairy kei - and now I want to make it more overtly in that style!