Saturday, 5 May 2018

Coordinates from March - April 2018

So I think I will keep up with posting coordinate roundups ever two months, rather than every three. I like to be regular and I think I'm wearing lolita frequently enough to warrant it. So here's what I wore in the months of March and April. I continued from my prolifically lolita February by wearing lolita on both days of the first weekend in March...

On the Saturday James and I went out to the jewellers to pick up his engagement ring, and proceed to announce our engagement on Facebook. It was so fun! We kind of forgot that it was news to everyone, so we really enjoyed all the happy and surprised reactions (and one "Hell, it's about time!") we got. And, on a lolita note, my skirt made for a great ring photo background!

Skirt: Bodyline
Cutsew: The Floral Notebook
Bag: Axes Femme
Headbow: Baby, the Star Shine Bright
All else: Taobao or offbrand

James took lots of pretty pictures of me too, so I'm sharing a close up as well as the full body shot!

The next day when I eventually rolled out of bed and into the kitchen to make tea, Nat spontaneously asked if we wanted to try a new place for brunch with her and Luke. We did, so the household got itself together and went on a Sunday drive and brunch, which was lovely. Even if, by the time we got to the place, they were serving their lunch menu! What can I say...weekends are for sleeping in!

OP: Metamorphose temps de fille Egg Art
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Shoes & Socks: Bodyline
Hairclip: Offbrand

As you would have seen, I did an Easter photoshoot this year and of course I wore lolita for it! I had an egg print and bought bunny ears to match and overall I loved the cute look I pulled together. Also, this is my first photoshoot and first lolita outfit with my latest haircut – back to short after about five years of growing it and oh my goodness, I’d forgotten how much better short hair is for me!

OP: Metamorphose temps de fille Egg Art
Socks & Shoes: Bodyline
Bunny ears: Cutie Creator
Hair bows: Taobao/offbrand
Necklace: Taobao
Wristcuffs: Handmade
Bracelets: Angelic Pretty/Chocomint/offbrand

And if you want to see the rest of the pictures from this shoot, please check out my Facebook page. As usual, photos are by my lovely fiancé.

I then started April right by organising a meet for the Newcastle community on Easter Monday. I wrote a little about the meet here and this is what I wore! I am trying to wear the main pieces that I haven’t had a chance to yet so I decided on Shirring Princess for this meet. I also had never worn that bolero out before, or the headbow, so I’m pretty pleased with myself in that regard.

JSK & bolero: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Bodyline
All else: Taobao/offbrand (and one bow from Me Likes Tea)

The following weekend James and I had another appointment with out jeweller to go over our wedding rings and since I wore lolita both previous times we had met with them I figured I should keep up the trend. It was also a good opportunity to wear one of my new Madillustration brooches. Oddly enough, despite having owned both for quite a while I had never actually worn this blouse and JSK together before, so all in all I was really happy with this outfit.

JSK, blouse & shoes: Bodyline
Wristcuffs & bag: Angelic Pretty
Headbow: Taobao
Brooch: Madillustration
Bracelet: Chocomint
Socks: Offbrand

Then on Friday the thirteen we casually celebrated at work so I wore an all black simple lolita outfit. Very toned down, because work, but I liked it and I got a few compliments as well!

Skirt: Victorian Maiden
Cutsew: The Black Ribbon
Shoes & Socks: Bodyline
Flowers: Taobao/offbrand

So that's me for the past two months! I'm pleased that I'm keeping up with wearing lolita more regularly, and that I'm expanding my horizons a bit with new coordinates making sure I wear some of the pieces I haven't worn yet or don't wear often.

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