Thursday, 31 August 2017

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: August 2017

For some reason August felt like a quieter month on the lolita blogging front, it was a little bit weird because it totally wasn't. I read lots of good posts and am sharing the highlights below!

Ghost Goth Photoshoot from Gravelvet
I do love seeing people do creative photoshoots, and lolita photoshoots, so I get really excited when I see creative lolita photoshoots! Also, gothic lolita in white is totally awesome.

12 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Going Out in Lolita from Vanilla Bear
Gotta love reaction GIFs, and these are all pretty darn relatable!

Paris 2017 Day 3 : Angelic Pretty Tea Party from Ruban Rose
This post combines two things I enjoy reading about; travel and lolita tea parties! Plus the author's outfit is amazingly gorgeous. I also recommend reading her earlier posts, I find reading detailed travel reports really fun to read, especially when they're from someone with similar fashion interests!

The One Tue Blouse: Rococo Story from Sanakanin
I get such a kick out of seeing how other lolitas go about putting together outfits, so this was a great read for me! Getting to see all the different options the writer went through in an attempt to find the perfect blouse was a great illustration of how different aspects of an outfit need to work together. Also, I had followed this fabulous lolita on tumblr for ages but didn’t know she had a proper blog so I was super excited to find this!

Let's go shopping at Dream Masquerade Carnival! - Vendor overview from Poppy Noir
Oh my goodness I wish Australia had something like the TPC events! I am just so envious of the shopping opportunities, let alone the rest of what goes on at one of these big events! though I think I'd be broke after an event like this, I'd probably go nuts at the vendors.

Recent Outfits Summer 2017 from Luna Rain
Of course, the best part of loltia is wearing pretty outfits and looking at other people’s pretty outfits! As an added bonus, in this post the blogger also wears some non-lolita jfashion looks. Variety is the spice of life!

What Would I Like to See in a Lolita Magazine? from Cupcake Kamisama's Loltia World
I am totally not a magazine person, I’m just not. But my goodness, if a lolita magazine ever popped up with the features outlined in this blog post I’d take out a subscription in a flash! If I ever have lots of spare time and energy maybe I’ll start a western-based lolita fashion magazine…

Sewing Pattern Buddy app from Mode de Lis
Okay, so not actually a lolita post or a loltia blog, however this organisational app for sewing patterns sounds like it could be handy. Especially is you're a lolita who sews from regular commercial patterns, I feel like this could be handy to organise non-lolita things according to their lolita use.

Ghibli afternoon with friends from Pastel Jelly Beans
I have to say, this post is like the epitome of the modern lifestyle lolita aesthetic to me. Go look at the pretty pictures!

DIY: Lolita Fashion Round Headdress from Fuwa Fuwa Fashion
This tutorial is nice, simple, and easy to follow. If you have the supplies and good taste you could make a canotier headdress really easily; no sewing skills or crafting experience necessary! If you've ever wanted to try making your own accessories and haven't been sure where to start I think this is a good place.

Just look at all the awesome blogs! I hope you enjoyed reading these posts as much as I did ^__^

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