Monday, 31 July 2017

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: July 2017

I have to say, July was really filled with lolita blog posts that wee exactly the kind of thing I like to read! And I hope my readers enjoy these as much as I did ^__^

One dress, many ways! from RuffleCloud's Adventures
I do "one dress, three looks" posts all the time...but this has me beat at "one dress, thirteen looks"! I really, really love seeing compilations of outfits with a single main piece ^__^

/cgl/ Roundup: “Lolita books, films and series” from Raven Snow
CGL can be a bit of a cesspit sometimes, but sometimes it's also really great. And this blog post is a round up of one of the times it was great, where users shared lolita-appropriate media.

Traveling To Japan For 10 Days - Packing Challenge from Cupcake Kamisama's Lolita World
Oh you know I love hypothetical wardrobe scenarios! And this one is fabulous and you get to see all the clothes together, not just in a collage like I tend to do. This really makes me want to take a lolita trip! Not that I ever would, but still!

My Past Angelic Pretty Tea Party Outfits from Lolita Wonderland
This is a really cute outfit collection from one of my favourite lolita bloggers - her outfits for five different Angelic Pretty tea parties. I love seeing how people's style changes over time!

Lovely Little Lolita #8444 from Andrea Schewe Design
I’m sharing this post as I found it a nice little behind the scenes look at the development of the new Simplicity 8444 JSK and blouse pattern. However, I must say – please do not take me sharing this as an opportunity to go slag on this pattern designer. This is not the pattern that appears to have used items purchased at Rufflecon as patterns; the only “sin” of this one is that the samples were made using a lolita-designed fabric from Spoonflower, which is a perfectly reasonable, legally, and morally white thing to do. Personally, I was chuffed to see that either Andrea or someone at Simplicity actually sourced an appropriate sweet lolita fabric for this! I do understand that the individual who designed the fabric was a bit unhappy to see it used this way, but it is part of the terms of Spoonflower that designs can be used commercially, and if it had been my design I would have seen this as great publicity! I’m actually contemplating buying this pattern as I suck at pattern drafting or modifications and the JSK seems quite nice.

2017 New Year's Resolutions - Half Way Progress from Pastel Peggy
Yes, yes...I tend to enjoy reading posts that are similar to things I myself post! I know...but this was a good read! And as a bonus it has some pretty pictures ^__^

Choosing a Meet Venue from Luna Rain
Not that I think I'll be planning lolita meetups any time soon, but this was still a handy read about things to consider when choosing where to hold a meetup.

How to Order from Antique beasT from Buttcape
I share more than pretty posts here...this one is very informative! Sometimes trying to order from Japanese sites is a bit of a pain, so I thought this was great. I know nothing about Antique beasT as a brand (other than that they make the bat headdress) but I figured this would still probably be of interest to my readers so here we are.

Hold the Whole World Accused from Libby Peaches
Super! Colourful! Pirate! Lolita! Wow, just wow. Such pirate, many colour, so wow. In case you can't tell, I am super into the outfit(s) shared in this post, you should totally check it out!

52 Week Lolita Topic Challenge : How I First Found Out About Lolita from Crimson Reflections
I love finding out how people go into this fashion, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and remember how excited I was (and still am!) about lolita.

So those were the highlights that crossed my reading list in July! As usual, if you think there's a blog out there I may not know of, please drop me a link because I am always keen to check out new lolita content.


  1. That new simplicity pattern looks really great, I have sworn I never would sew a blouse, but the long sleeves look so pretty.
    The rest I would definely check out.

    1. Yeah, I rather like it. It's not amazing, but for a lazy sewer like myself who just likes following pasterns and making maybe minor alterations, it's pretty great.