Thursday, 27 July 2017

Apricot roses; L174 outfits

I love Bodyline's L174 JSK. It's such a nice fabric, and the design is fairly simple, yet a bit elegant (especially since I added the ruffle to the hem).

I actually wore this dress out recently, and so when I came to putting these outfits together I deliberately avoided redoing a variation of that coordinate. So one of my favourite combos with this dress, salmon pink, was out, but it was good as that stretched me to try a few different things.

For he first outfit I wanted to try adding a dark, vibrant red as a complementary colour, and overall I feel it worked rather well! I'm not 100% sure if the socks were the best choice, but I think they would work nicely worn. And if not it's an easy change to make the outfit wearable.

Next I wanted to try something a bit more casual and sweet-ish. Black and indoor photography are not a good combination by any stretch of the imagination, but I actually really liked this outfit, even if this photo is a bit shoddy. I think I may even wear this when spring or summer roll around - it would also look good with pink ankle socks I think.

Then for the last look I ran with ivory. This isn't particularly groundbreaking, but damn do I like it! Especially the mass of flowers for the hair, there is no such things as too many flowers in my opinion!

I have to say, for a dress that is kind of limited as far as colour goes, I can still get some good variety in outfits with this JSK as well as the tried and true combinations, and that makes me rather pleased!


  1. It is indeed a lovely dress. I think red works for it, just as peach. However I would chose black socks, because I don't feel it need more rosesmotif. But I like all the coordinates.