Saturday, 15 July 2017

By any other name; Anniversary Rose outfits

Oh Anniversary Rose, you are such a gorgeous print! This dress is one I fell in love with a long time ago, and I'm so glad I have it in my wardrobe.

However, the colours are almost impossible to match! It is so beautiful though, that even my matchy-matchy heart doesn't really care and just goes for it. So here are three outfits, featuring hardly anything that actually matches the colour of the print!

First I ran with something simple, summery, and sweet. I really love how this turned out and would 100% wear this. How great would it be for a picnic or something like that? Pink or white ankle socks would complete the look ^__^

Next I really wanted to combine this JSK with brown, and ended up with a bit of a mis-matched outfit that I really like. It's a bit of an oddball but I think it works; not sure why or how though!

For my third and final outfit I wanted to try something light, but not too neutral and pulled out the trusty salmon pieces...and I think it works really well! This outfit is just dreamy for me, I love it.

It's funny how that for a piece where I don't have anything to match it perfectly I can make so many outfits that I'm 100% happy with. Do you have any pieces like that in your lolita collection?


  1. This really is a beautiful print, simple but there's so much to pick from it. My personal favourite is the pink outfit, it's the most elegant. But have you ever considered pairing this JSK with light grey? I noticed the ribbon on the print is that kind of light-grey-that-could-almost-be-lavender-grey, that could look really nice with the right pieces.

    1. I could actually see you wearing something like that third outfit :)

      I have! I'd actually thought dusty blue would be good, because that's the colour I saw the ribbons as being but I just took a closer look and I think they are distinctly grey. However, it may be too much...I think as you say it would need the right pieces!

  2. You are gettingbetter coordinating this, it is still a pretty dress.