Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Coordinates from April - June 2017

Another three months and another two lolita outfits. Not so great on quantity there, buts till, halfway through 2017 I've already worn lolita as much as a I did in 2016, and there have been a number of occasions where I've thought of wearing lolita, but decided against it. So I'm on the right track to wearing this lovely fashion more regularly!

I "wore" lolita once in April... and that's in quote marks because I thought up this outfit to wear while assisting James in a studio photoshoot, but on that morning the model cancelled due to a badly swollen jaw. But, having thought up the outfit I was bound and determined to try it on and see if it worked - and it did, which made me rather happy. So I dressed up, bummed around a little, and had James take photos for me. It still counts!

Skirt: Metamorphose "Patisserie Dream"
Headbow and bow bracelet: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand

I actually really, really loved how this turned out. I do think it really needed a necklace, and the big headbow looks a little odd without a fringe, but overall this outfit was super cute and made me really happy to wear.

I did go a little overboard on getting James to take photos (some of which you may have already seen on my instagram) but what else is one to do in an adorable outfit?

I also love my bracelets. As mentioned above the bow one is AP, paired with a bead bracelet made by a friend of mine, and my silver bracelet that James made works nicely with the outfit too. I mean, I wear it all the time, regardless of if it matches or not, but it's nice when it does match.

Then in May I had a chance to wear lolita actually properly when a friend invited me to a high tea for her birthday. We went to a lovely local place I've been to a few times before for a two hour high tea with bottomless teapots. We drank so. much. tea. And before I share my outfit I just have to share a shot of the food!

I wanted to wear lolita because what more appropriate time and place than for a high tea? I was tossing up between wearing florals or cherries, asked James and he voted florals so here we are! This was the first time I had actually worn this dress, so I was very pleased with my outfit choice.

JSK: Bodyline (with added ruffle)
Blouse: Lady Sloth
Socks: Metamorphose temps de fille
Everything else: Offbrand

I loved this outfit, it was cute and comfortable - my two favourite things!

So those are my outfits from the past three months. As I said at the start, it's not a lot of coordinates but I'm definitely pleased I'm getting a bit more wear out my wardrobe this year.


  1. The last outfit is amazing, Dusty pink and black is good combo. Pink has grown on me lately, but still not enough to wearing it.

    1. Thank you, I as really happy with how that turned out. Haha I keep saying I don't like pink, but I really do :p

  2. I actually think you really pull off the big headbow without a fringe! The volume of your hair balances it out ^_^
    I love that first outfit! <3

    1. I'm glad to hear that! Because I love fringes, including on me, but my hair never cooperates when cut that short so I'm glad that at least one person thinks it looks good without. Thank you :)