Monday, 10 July 2017

2017 Lolita Goals Update

I’m finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that 2017 is halfway over already. But it is, so I thought this was as good time to review my lolita goals for this year and see how I’ve gone so far.

As far as the wardrobe building side of things goes, I have achieved the following:

After reflecting a bit further on my wardrobe, I've also realised that few things I had on my goal list I'm going to remove:
  • Replace red wine suede shoes
  • Replace salmon suede shoes
  • Get a bonnet (or other statement headwear)
  • Get an OTT blouse, probably in ivory
Mostly, my reasoning for this is that my suede shoes are adequate for the amount of times I actually wear lolita. They aren't the greatest shoes, but I may as well wear them till they die, even if that's only a couple of wears, before I look to replace them, otherwise I'm just buying things I don't really need. And then with the OTT pieces, similarly I don't actually need them, I just wanted them so I had something OTT in my wardrobe. However, if I have an event or photoshoot where I need them coming up, I'm sure I'll have time to buy them then. Of course, for all these items if I stumble across a great deal I will definitely snap it up, but otherwise they are off my wardrobe goal list.

Which means I have the following goals still to achieve:

  • Get an a-line petticoat
  • Modify or replace brown short sleeved bolero
  • Get brand lace topped OTKs in white, black, and ivory
  • Get more wristcuffs in black and ivory 
  • Get better lavender headwear
  • Get fawn fur boot-toppers to match my collars and beret

 All in all I think I’m doing pretty well on achieving the refinements to my wardrobe I decided I wanted to do this year! Five down, four removed, and six to go ^__^
Then in my second set of goals, relating to actually wearing lolita, I have done really well. I went to my first meetup and have already worn lolita more this year than last year. However, I haven’t yet done any lolita photoshoots (though I do have some ideas for concepts, and am probably going to do some in August) and I also haven’t worn my lolita items in casual or non-lolita outfits. However I have definitely gotten more use out of my lolita wardrobe this year, which I am very pleased with!

Overall I’m pleased with how the lolita portion of my life has gone this year, and I’m looking forward to more lolita fun in the second half of 2017!

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