Friday, 30 June 2017

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: June 2017

Another month ending means there's another selection of blog posts from other lolita's curated here for your reading pleasure! I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did ^__^

Summer ILD from Cupcake Kamisama's Lolita World
I didn't do a thing for June ILD this year, but I sure enjoyed reading about other people's experiences and admiring their outfits! My favourite thing to read about in this post is that the hosts of the meet put together an activity booklet for the cool is that?

Daydream Bed and macarons from Pastel Jelly Beans
So many pretty pictures in this post! It's a simple one - an outfit and an excursion in lolita, but that sort of thing is really what this fashion is all about, isn't it?

Harassment in Lolita from Luna Rain
A bit more of a sombre post, but one well worth reading. Unfortunately we still live in a world where being different can sometimes be hazardous and this post contains some good ideas on how to deal with the harassment you may experience (though hopefully won't!) while out in lolita.

International Lolita Day: Summer 2017 Edition! from Teacake Time Machine
Another post about an ILD experience, quite different from the other one I've already shared. It's great to see the different way lolitas celebrate this holiday! Of course, I could have shared way, way more ILD posts but I figured two was enough ^__^

Cookie Bear Review from Vanilla Bear
I really enjoy seeing nice detailed reviews, especially when they are of items from stores I never knew existed. And that's exactly what this post is.

My 10 Un-Gothic Lolita Confessions from Raven Snow
At the risk of sounding like a clickbait article title - number one is super relate-able. I also find it interesting to find out a little about people, especially when it's "confessions" like this.

Kawaii Instagram School: How to Slay Your Flatlay from Parfait Doll
I like creative how-to guides, and this one is pretty nifty - how to make artsy flat lay photos. Now, this post refers to non-clothing specific flat lays, more the general pretty ones where any kind of thing can be the focus. Which is kind of good, because I'm working on a post about clothing flat lays specifically, and didn't want to be beaten to the punch!

Reading Corner: So Pretty / Very Rotten from Pink Milk Tea
There have been a few posts pop up in my feed about this book of essays and comics, and this is the one I'm featuring!

Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 Underused Print Ideas from Crimson Reflections
Spoiler alert! One of their suggestions is penguins, which would be soooooo adorable! Man, I really need to actually join the LBC...

Wine and Chocolate Pairing Meetup from Buttcape
Reading about other people's meet up experiences is really enjoyable for me - it's almost like socialising, but done from the comfort of my computer! I don't like wine, but I would totally drink it at a meet up like this. Also, amazing coordinate.

Fabric Shoe Cover Tutorial from Fuwa-Fuwa-Fashion
This is a super awesome tutorial! Decorating shoes is great, but I don't think I've ever see someone do such a neat clean job of it. I am so super inspired to make my own fancy shoes now. Seriously, if you read only one thing from this post of mine, read this one.

8 years of Melty Chocolate! from Ruban Rose
I get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing different outfits with a single main piece (well duh, have you seen this blog?) so this was a super nice post to see. And I love Melty Chocolate as well, so I enjoyed it even more!

Once again, the lolita blogging community continues to produce great content, which extends way beyond the posts I've featured here, even though this is the most I've featured in a month so far. If you're interested in reading more, my blogpost roundup tag contains all of these posts!

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