Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sweet dreams are made of these; Handmade chocolate outfits

You know me...I get (or in this case make) something new and shortly thereafter I'll do some flat-lays because, you know, like 40% of this entire blog is flat-lays. So it should be no surprise to see me posting some outfits with my new handmade chocolate JSK. I still haven't fixed the few hings that need fixing, but let's not worry about that for now...

This close-up shots came out rather darker than the dress is in real life, but it does show the nice little gold details that are scattered throughout the print. Though they're not particularly noticeable, I do like that they're there as it gives the fabric a bit more dimension. The colours are a lot more accurate in the outfit shots.

As a side note, I fully intend to make some matching accessories for this dress, but that's something for down the track. Currently I'm thinking of making a beret and a pair of medium sized two-way bow clips but if you have any ideas of what would go well I'm open to suggestions!

But enough of what I haven't yet done and onto what I have; the outfits!

Firstly, I put together a casual look that I liked way more in my head than I do in reality! To be honest, I think the bolero was a mistake - it's just too dark for the dress, even though it matches the hat and the shoes. I do like those OTKS with the dress though, as well as the hat.

And of course I had to try pink! I love this look, it's super adorable and sweet and just so cute! Even though I don't tend to wear sweet-sweet outfits, they're aesthetically some of my favourites. 

I am actually planning on doing a ridiculously cute photoshoot in this dress sometime soon and I just may wear this outfit for it...

Lastly I pulled out the trusty classic ivory to take it in a bit more of a toned down direction. I also really like this outfit, even though it is mixing themes (chocolate and floral, oh my!) I think it works rather well.

This JSK actually turned out to be a bit hard to match with my wardrobe since it's a lighter brown than most other pieces. Colour-wise it's probably closest to my Jam Paradise JSK but the underbust cut and lack of accent colours in the print make it a bit harder to work with. However, I'm still quite pleased with myself for making this dress and love that even though it's a bit of an oddball I can still coord it in varied ways.


  1. They first outfit could be saved by making a matching brooch to the dress and stick it on bolero. Personal I like rosettes, but a bow might do just as well. Maybe some matching choclate theme jewelry to bring theme out.
    Dark colours tone everything down, so it it is really important to use the right accesory.
    The other outfitts is fine, but the pink blouse looks like it is another shade of pink than rest(if you get choclate jewelry, you can reuse them in this one). The last one is my favorite of them all.

    1. A brooch is not a bad idea at all, and if I do make one it probably will be a rosette! The pinks in the second outfit match better in real life (my lighting is uneven) and I rather like the last outfit too.