Thursday, 19 January 2017

Something blue; L571 outfits

I strongly tend towards wearing warm colours (and black) so Bodyline's L571 is a bit of an odd piece in my wardrobe. But I like the range it gives to my lolita collection, and think it's a gorgeous dress, so it stays!

I particularly love all the colours and little details that are part of the print, and this cut (which Bodyline has used on several pieces) is one of my favourites because it's detailed but not fussy.

First, I wanted to really highlight the multiple shades of pink in the print. In the end, this turned out to coordinate rather than fully match, but I'm okay with that. I enjoyed sticking flowers everywhere too. I'd say this coord sits pretty firmly in sweet-classic territory, which I enjoy.

Then I did a more straightforward coord, which I love. Yes, it's very simple but sometimes simple is the best. I also want to point out how perfectly those OTKS match the JSK, it's almost ridiculous what a good combo they make.

Lastly I wanted to take it in a cuter direction, which I have very little to say about, except that this look would also include off-white ankle socks. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of playing down the florals with floral main pieces, I always feel a little unbalanced. But it probably doesn't bug anyone else, and it's good to try something a little new.

Overall, I really enjoy the fact that I have quite a few options for wearing a piece that is an oddball in my wardrobe. It just goes to show that I have succeeded in putting together a collection that is versatile and where even lone pieces are not left out.


  1. I think the last one is my favorite, I would add a floral bag or tiny flowers in the hair.

  2. There was a time when I seriously considered buying this JSK, it is one of Bodyline's best pieces. I'm after different pieces now, but I still appreciate how lovely this one is. And I must say, I have noticed how well the socks match in the second coord. Yeah, it is simple, but in a good and polished way, it's my favourite of the three, it's just that elegant and wearable. <3

    1. It certainly is a lovely JSK, and I'm glad you like that particular coord.