Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Lolita Trend Predictions for 2017

What better post to be the first one of 2017 than a prediction of what may occur in lolita fashion in the upcoming year? The “in” style of lolita tends to change with the times, though like any alternative fashion personal style and preference is always first and foremost. In recent years we’ve had OTT sweet, OTT classic and the resurgence of old-school. What’s next?

The rise of pastel classic

Personally I feel that a specific sweet-classic hybrid will take centre stage in 2017, something that I am calling pastel classic. More specific than the umbrella term of sweet-classic, pastel classic is distinctly classic lolita but in a more sweet style pastel colour scheme. Rather than the darker, striking classic looks that have been popular recently, pastel classic is softer and very pretty, but doesn’t quite stray into the cute territory so sweet lolita. 

A recent BTSSB release that I think is a good example of pastel classic.

Think of it as the comparison between regency and rococo; pastel classic is like the light colours and simple lines of the gowns in an Austen movie, the current classic trend are more like the opulent gowns seen in Marie Antoinette’s court.

A return to casual

Though I do think pastel classic is going to be the next big thing, I believe we will also see a growth in casual coordinates being posted online. Of course, people wear casual fairly regularly, but it doesn’t get posted around much. However, with lifestyle nostalgia being something I’m seeing a lot of online I feel like people may start sharing more of their daily lolita style.

One of my casual flat-lays - easily wearable but still lolita.

More uncommon cuts

I think the past few years have really seen an expansion to the lolita silhouette. Longer skirt lengths, unusual bodices and straps, and all manner of overlays have come in and stayed it. I believe this trend will firmly continue into 2017 to the extent where we may even have some lolitas lamenting over particular print releases not coming in a standard cut at all!

I would say that each main piece in this release has some unusual details.

Popularity of indie brands

Another trend that I believe has already started and that will continue is a rising popularity of small indie brands. There are already certain indie brands that have distinct following, Mossbadger and Peppermint Fox (I know you could argue Peppermint Fox are otome, not lolita, but there is distinct crossover) being two that pop to mind. 

A recent release from Mulberry Chronicles that I really enjoyed.

I just think that the street cred of wearing indie is rising, and will only continue to do so. The big brands will always be at the top, but wearing indie brand will certainly not be frowned upon or thought of as being a second best in 2017.

Not that indie is frowned upon currently but yeah…

The true birth of sweet ouji

Ouji (or boystyle, or kodona, whatever the correct term is) has been gaining in popularity, and with that popularity has come greater variety. We are seeing more colours, more variation and more individuality. But something that we are not currently seeing much of, but that I believe we will in the coming year, is distinctly sweet ouji. Yes, there have been outfits here and there, but ouji sits distinctly under the gothic or classic umbrellas at the moment in a majority of cases.

One of the few really good examples of sweet (or is it pastel classic?) ouji out there.
If anyone knows who these ladies are please link me so I can credit appropriately.

Those are my five trend predictions for the lolita fashion subculture in 2017. I will be very interested in seeing how right I am, if at all. Do you have any predictions for the upcoming twelve months?


  1. I think gothic gets s make-over in 2017.
    Fairly gothic themes had popular in other substyles for a long times(especially sweet).
    But I do think the style turn mature than cutesy. More OTT ala Ateiler Pierrot meets Juliette et Justine.

    New structures, we have seen a rise of solids(especially black, white and ivory), but they are not plain cotton or chiffon. Al sort material would be use. Damask, satin, lace, linen and organza. There would also be experimented with print techinigues, so watercolour screenprint is not only way making prints in '17.

    1. I hope gothic does make a comeback, and an Atelier Pierrot meets Juliette et Justine versions sounds utterly fabulous. And I would also love to see more solids and watercolour screenprints...let's hope both our predictions come true!

    2. AtPie + JetJ isn't something I knew I wanted till now...but it sounds amazing! I'd like to see a rise of OTT gothic, it's been predicted for a while but hasn't really taken off.

    3. I think the popularity of classic would favor a AP-jetj hybrid. Secondly it is more edible for the old goths, since it is not sugary sweet and tacky as Angellic Prettys pastelgoth thingy.
      Gothic gets always predicted as returning. I think until now the problem was very few shades except black was considered gothic, and Royal blue skirt was OTT and something really daring to have.