Friday, 3 February 2017

Lolita 52: Nails to match my favourite looks

I don't do nails. Perhaps twice a year I will paint them in a single colour for a photoshoot or special occasion. I think once I painted alternating nails different colours, but that's as adventurous as I get. So an honest or real life version of this post would be very short.

Therefore, I picked three of my favourite recent flat-lays and turned to google to find some nail art that I thought matched rather nicely. Click on each picture to go to the source of the nail art.

Though I would perhaps change the colours a bit, I felt like these elegant, detailed nails made for a great match with this Anniversary Rose coord.

Again, the colours would have to be different (replacing some of the white with black) but these cute nails seemed like a perfect finishing touch for this casual coord with my handmade cherry skirt.

It was weirdly hard to find a jam themed nail, but I thought these cute polka-dot nails were a good pairing with this Jam Paradise coord. 

I will be honest, this does make me want to maybe do more with my nails. My fine motor skills kind of suck, but nail stickers are a thing, and so is going to my boyfriend for help so who knows, you may end up seeing something from me on the nail art front in the future.


  1. Matching nails is something I almostly never do. I just choose a colour, which match my mood(most of my colours last a weekend or two, so matching is bad idea). I can do nail art(if dots and stripes count), but I wear most glitter and bold colours, so there is no need for fancy designs, since they are flashy.
    Like I get jokes about I should live in 80's, with those nails.

  2. this is cute, I like your coords :) as for the nails, I'm not really good at it, so I bought myself a bunch of super cute fake nails that match some of my clothes.

    1. Thank you, and fake nails is definitely an easy way to get around doing it yourself!