Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Lolita Goals for 2017

This year my lolita goals are a little more ambitious than last year, because there are two sets of them; wardrobe building (or refining, really, at this point) and wearing lolita. Because in 2016 I think I wore lolita four times; to a convention, for a proper photoshoot, then a casual photoshoot, and kind of to my work Christmas party. More on that later because first I want to focus on the quantifiable achievements I want to make in Lolita; the wardrobe improvements.

Wardrobe Building

Doing my 2017 wardrobe post was great because it truly made me realise how nearly “perfect” my wardrobe is. I have options for everything, and I think I have a great balance of pieces. However, the act of physically pulling out every single item also made me realise there are a few things I want to change. So, in no particular order the things I want to change in my wardrobe are:
-          Replace red wine suede shoes
-          Replace salmon suede shoes
-          Get an a-line petticoat
-          Get an ivory short sleeve blouse
-          Replace long sleeved white blouse (I've come to realise I don't like it particularly much)
-          Modify or replace brown short sleeved bolero (I love it, and the fact that it’s an unusual shape for lolita, but I would prefer a more typically lolita one)
-          Get brand lace topped OTKs in white, black, and ivory
-          Get more wristcuffs in black, pink, and ivory
-          Get better lavender headwear
-          Get fawn fur boot-toppers to match my collars and beret
-          Get a classic ivory bolero, most likely short sleeved
-          Get a bonnet (or other statement headwear)
-          Get an OTT blouse, probably in ivory
-          Get a more lolita-specific black long sleeve bolero

You may notice that a lot of these are things that I didn’t complete from my 2016 goals, but hey, I’ll get them all completed sometime! You may also notice that I haven't listed a wishlist because this year I just want to focus, as I say, on refinements. There are certain other items I want to add to my wardrobe as well, and I'm sure I'll also end up buying things that I'm not currently even thinking of, but that goal list is just for items that would round out my current wardrobe.

I may also go through and do another little wardrobe purge and remove items I find I don’t use. For example, my brown long sleeved blouse is nice, but I never go to use it when planning outfits, I always go for layering a brown bolero instead. So is there really much point keeping it? As part of this, I possibly may want to refine my shoe collection a little further and replace my sweeter pairs, but I’m not 100% sure about this yet so it’s not on the list.

Generally, I want to focus on refining what I have, not necessarily on adding too much. My wardrobe is more than sufficient for my needs – it can be casual or dressy as the occasion demands – and besides, I want to also develop my steampunk wardrobe this year as well (will probably post about that at a later point) and I’m going to run out of wardrobe space!

Wearing Lolita

As I said, in 2016 I hardly wore lolita. I still participated in the fashion via this blog, and I really love doing flat-lays and working on developing my wardrobe. However, I also want to wear this fashion more. So, with that in mind, in 2017 I want to aim for the following:
-          Attend at least one lolita meet-up (preferably more but we’ll see how the first one goes!)
-          Do at least four lolita photoshoots in varying styles
-          Wear lolita items casually/non-lolita outfits when possible
-          Wear lolita when going out or around the house

See, one of my things is that I am a real homebody. I don’t go out much to anywhere, and when I do I don’t tend to want to wear lolita because it wouldn’t be the most comfortable or practical option. But I think this year I would like to even engineer situations where lolita is a good choice, like going out for a nice afternoon tea with my boyfriend. Though a lot of activities that are very lolita-appropriate, like going to view art exhibits for example, are things that I am very much not into. However, we will see how we go.

I have learned that unless I make an effort, I don’t really wear my lolita. Therefore, I am going to try and make more of an effort because these lovely clothes deserve to be worn!

So those are my goals, both for wardrobe and wearing, for the coming year. Is there anything in particular you are aiming for, lolita- or other-wise, in 2017?


  1. I like your goal about having more photoshoots! I'm trying to find yellow shoes for lolita that are not tea parties, but so far that's all I can find. I'm also hoping to wear punk lolita more and learn some new hair styles!

    1. Yellow shoes would be hard to find! I hope you get your hands on a pair you like ^__^ Punk lolita looks like so much fun (and I imagine you'd pull it off rather well) and learning new hairstyles is a goal I may appropriate from you...

  2. I think I should really get on accesory, rather mainpieces this year. Small accesory is something I already have, but bags & shoes is something I really not good at buying.

    1. Fair enough! I think we all have things we prefer to buy, and things that for whatever reason we find harder.