Monday, 9 January 2017

A little chocolate doesn't hurt...

Today I emerge triumphant! I have slain the beast! I have journeyed far, and toiled long, and finally have finished the chocolate JSK that I've had in my "to-sew" pile for basically an entire year. This past week I've taken advantage on still being off work for Christmas to really knuckle down and get it done, and it is!

This underbust JSK is patterned off my Lyris Design JSK, and was all in all a thorough pain to sew. The shirring panel in aprticular gave me a lot of grief. But I quelled my impatient urges, and my "it's good enough" feelings, and kept at it until it was done correctly.

I'll be honest; it's still not 100% complete. I have to revise a bit of the zipper seam, top stitch down the centre front since it somehow ended up wonky (and trust me, I checked and triple-checked everything while I was sewing, since any flaws are super obvious in this fabric) and also install a hook-and-eye at the top of the zipper. But by and large it's done and what's best - it fits and looks nice on!

Also, I want to make some matching hair accessories at some point...but not right now...

A quick shot of the back to display the shirring that was struggle and my triumph. I had initially intended to have a line of the braid used on the bodice around the bottom, but after trying about 8 different placements (and listening to James' advice) decided it was better without it.

You may notice about that my side seams...aren't at the side. They are when worn, because I made it do that I stretch the shirring now so it will fit when I lose some weight, but I'm really not sure how that happened. Le sigh.

I also came to a realisation while working on this; I don't hugely enjoy sewing. I find it really challenging and sometimes quite frustrating. I'm not going to stop, but it had always bugged me that I wasn't really happy when sewing and I feel a bit silly that it took me this long to realise that because I don't really like it. I do like having handmade pieces, and feel accomplished with what I've done, but the process is not my favourite thing. Despite that, I'm not going to stop, just stop beating myself up for not being happy about it. I guess it goes to show that not all good things make you happy.

Anyhoo, enough rambling. All in all I'm probably 85% happy with how this turned out - it fits, it looks nice and I really gave it my all. It does have some flaws, which bum me out a bit, but overall it's a job well done, which makes me rather proud. I'm really pleased that I now own a chocolate main piece! And I'm a happy Roli to have finished this off ^__^


  1. Focus on the flaws once you've rested a little and regained some energy. For now you should congratulate yourself for not only completing something that was on your "to sew" pile for a long time, but also for doing it in a way that you're more happy with than not. It looks great to me (as an amateur with no sewing experience I don't notice things like that) and I hope you'll be able to wear it in a way that makes you happy and proud with what you've done. :D

    1. That's some good advice, and to be honest now that it's been a day since finishing I do feel a lot better about it. I'm really looking forward to putting together some outfits for it, and am hoping to do a photoshoot in it sometime soon as well.

  2. Seeing can be fun, but then things doesn't go the way you want is annoying. I can sew, but not construct a pattern or copy one. I think it is really cool you managed to base on dress you already own is really cool.
    Personal I would make back lacing rather than shiring, but I am not good friend with elastic.

    1. Thank you, and yeah, there were so many time I wanted to give up on this but I'm glad I didn't.

      It's funny you'd rather do lacing than shirring because to me, Dealing with eyelets or ribbon loops for lacing would be so much more annoying!