Friday, 5 February 2016

Wardrobe Goals for 2016

After completing my wardrobe post, I’ve identified a few gaps in my lolita wardrobe that I want to fill. As I also want to try to spend less on lolita this year, I figure that getting a proper list of priorities together (and sharing it publicly!) will help. I'm gonna try to stick only to buying things from this list!

Priority 1 – I really need these

A white short sleeved blouse
An ivory short sleeved blouse
An a-line pettiocat

Priority 2 – I need these, but less urgently

Replace ivory suede heels
Replace bordeaux suede heels
Replace peach suede heels
A black long sleeved bolero
A black short sleeved bolero
A brown short sleeved blouse or cutsew

Priority 3 – These would be nice, but not completely necessary

Blue headwear (beret, flowers, or headbow)
Ivory headwear (beret, flowers, or headbow)
Brand lace-topped OTKS in white, ivory and black
OTKS to match Jurassic Party (lavender or purple with white)
Lavender or purple headbow to match Jurassic Party
OTKS in black with white/grey/silver pattern
OTKS in blue/ivory

As you can see, nothing on this list is main pieces because I don't really have a distinct wishlist. There are lots of things I like, but I'm not willing to pay too much so I don't see the point of saying "I want Sweetie Violet in lavender!" because whenever it does pop up, I'm not willing to pay the asking price so really, what's the point? However, I do have a few "types" of things I want. so I guess I'll put down a "wishlist" of sorts, which isn't just limited to main pieces but also those things that would be great to have but really aren't necessary at all.

Wishlist – I’ll buy these things if they show up at a good price, or maybe make them

An OTT classic OP or JSK
A gobelin coat
A fur, or fur trimmed, capelet
Simpler JSKs appropriate for work
Casual cutsews in red, pink and black-and-white (and maybe even more colours)
Fawn fur items (coat, capelet and shoe toppers primarily)
More patterned/printed blouses

So those are my goals for this year! I'll be really happy if I can get everything in my Priority 1 and Priority 2 list done, and overall it was really good to put down a concrete list of goals and items I want to obtain over the coming year.

Have you made goals for your lolita collection?


  1. I definitely nailed mine down at the end of last year and my number one priority is a short sleeved blouse too. On my nice but not essential list is an underskirt from Baby so that my darling Esprit de la Belle Epoque JSK can look super fancy with the bonnet.
    On the "If the price is right" list is a pair of those blue antique ribbon shoes... the wear on the colour is just gorgeous. Hopefully I can find a few nice accessories around the traps too. :) Happy frilling for 2016!

    1. Short-sleeved blouses are just so hard to find! I don't know why but I hardly ever fall in love with a short-sleeved blouse but things with long sleeves just make me swoon...