Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Lolita Sewing: Green floral skirt and headbow

Over the past two weekends I made myself a new lolita skirt and headbow - the first headbow I've actually ever made! If you think the fabric I used look familiar you'd be right... I took apart the dress I showed here to make this. Why? Because I made that dress a year ago and not only have I never worn it, I've never even wanted to wear it. But I like the green floral fabric so I decided to scrap the JSK and make a skirt I'm actually more likely to wear. And then I had enough fabric left over that I thought I'd try my hand at a matching accessory.

My photos didn't show the colours too well, so I did a lot of fiddling in photoshop to get the colours in the picture above pretty close to real life. I didn't bother so much with the other shots though but it's a really rich hunter green with little brown flowers and light green not-quite flowers.

I based it, design-wise, off my Flower Bottle skirt. I wasn't sure whether I wanted lace at the hem, trim over the ruffle joint, or both, But when I went to Spotlight to buy trim my choice was petty much made for me because this brown gimp braid was the only thing I liked. And I love it! I think both the style of the skirt and the fabric and the trim combine to give it a very mid-to-late 00's lolita vibe, which I rather like.

I'm actually really pleased with the headbow I made. My hand stitching is quite messy on it, but hat's not visible when worn and when worn this is pretty adorable. It's big enough to be noticeable, yet not so big that I feel uncomfortable wearing it. I covered the headband itself with more of the braid, and the bow itself can move along the headband. I may end up making a pair of little hair clips as well because I still have fabric left and there's no reason why I shouldn't.

So there we have it, my most recent lolita sewing adventure. I'm quite happy with how it all turned out, and it's definitely something I can see myself wearing. Have you made anything for your lolita wardrobe recently?


  1. Can wait to get back to the city so that I can start working on increasing my sewing skills. I went to the shops and could only find curtain fabric.
    I've already planned it out.
    First, I'm going to make bloomers then bloomers with ruffles, then underskirts then under with ruffles and then I'm going to work my way onto skirts and then onto jumper-skirts! It's a long journey Roli, a loooong journey.

    1. Sounds like a plan! Sewing is fun, especially when things actually work out.

  2. The braid looks like a perfect match for the flowers in the print, and it works so well on the headbow!

    1. Thank you! It was a really good find, and I got the very last of it too :)