Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Flower Bottle outfits

I really truly have grown to love my little pink Metamorphose Flower Bottle lucky pack skirt. It's cute and casual and surprisingly versatile.

I would like to apologise for the photo quality - I drew back my curtains in a different way to light these than I usually do and didn't realise how blown out they were till I was done. I thought it was a nice artsy bit of lighting, and I do still kind of like it, but I know it knocks about the clarity so yeah. Anyhoo, onto the actual outfits!

Firstly I did something straightforward but a bit quirky, working in my Axes Femme fawn fur vest. I'd wear this in a heartbeat, it's just the right level of casual for me.

Next I tried something dramatically different - navy! I recently salvaged this blouse from some bags of clothes to be donated and after removing the shoulder pads really like it. The print of this skirt has some dark blue in it, so it's not a complete stretch. I actually really like how this works, though it is a bit too contrast heavy for my tastes.

Then I came up with my favourite look of the lot, a very classic take on the fairly sweet skirt. Not much to say about this one except, like the first outfit in this post, I would so totally wear it! It's even a bit more dressy than I usually go, which I think is an impressive thing to do with a cute little lucky pack skirt.


  1. I love all three. They're all a little quirky in their own way. That fawn vest is rockin'! I love that you mixed something very different in with this straight-shooting sweet coordinate.

    1. Thank you ^__^ I've actually found doing all these flat lays for the blog has helped me nail down my style a bit more and "quirky" is definitely a word I'd use for it!

    2. I find it hard to believe that I don't have any plain coloured doonas. Sheets just aren't think enough. My mirror arrangements are working well for me at the moment. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Hehe.

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