Sunday, 14 February 2016

eBay Accessories Haul

This isn't something I'd normally share, but since I posted my wardrobe goals for this year I also want to share whenever I achieve any of them. And I recently got some ivory and blue accessories off eBay, amongst other things.

As you can see, I got lots of cute things! The cherry clips were cheap and adorable, and given that I wear lace topped ankle socks to work all the time it was high time to get some more... I did also get pink and black ones but I've already worn them and they're in the wash so they aren't pictured. The brown lace topped OTKS were a bit of a gamble but they seem really nice. I will be tea dying the lace so it's ivory rather than white because I won't wear them with the current colour contrast, but I knew that when I bought them.

I really love eBay for cheap, easy-to-buy accessories. Like any online vendor you do take a risk but I don't think I've ever been disappointed by an accessory item I've bought off eBay.

And yes. I do know that blue and ivory hair accessories were on the "not really important" section of my wardrobe goals for this year, but for only a few dollars per item I figured I wasn't doing anything bad by knocking them off my list first!

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