Sunday, 31 January 2016

Lolita 52: How satisfied I am with my current wardrobe

Short answer: Very!

Long answer: My wardrobe has finally gotten to the point where by my standards it is large. It’s certainly not huge, but it is more than ample for my needs, can yield a vast range of outfits of varying points on the casual-to-OTT scale, and brings me lots of joy.

A more OTT look I can pull with lots of chiffon. 

To be completely honest, my wardrobe actually feels complete at this point. Naturally, I’ll keep tweaking it ever closer towards true perfection but I don’t feel like I have any huge gaps that desperately need filling right now. However, doing my wardrobe post did make me identity some spots that need improving such as my short sleeved blouse collection. Getting some more summery outerwear may also be good. I’ll be doing another post shortly that distinctly outlines my wardrobe goals for 2016 so I can really focus on fixing all the little things that need fixing and getting that little bit closer to wardrobe perfection but to be entirely honest though I can improve my wardrobe, I am still very satisfied with where it is now.

And by contrast a very wearable casual look.

Earlier this year I actively went through my wardrobe and did a bit of that KonMari thing – I flicked through all my lolita clothes and could obviously feel when something made me feel meh rather than happy. And out those things came! Since then I’ve tried to be more selective. Having a proper job helps with that too because I don’t hang onto things for financial reasons anymore. If I don’t like it it’s gone. Obviously, I still try and resell things at reasonable prices (mostly so I have more lolita spendy cash) but it’s less of a factor now, which I really do think has helped me cultivate a wardrobe I’m happier with.

So I’m at a great point lolita-wise really, being very satisfied with how my wardrobe is now. How satisfied are you with yours?

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