Thursday, 3 December 2015

Classic black floral outfits

Bodyline is hit and miss, we all know that. Something that is equally as well known is that a lot of Bodyline pieces need just a tiny bit of modification to become quite nice. And in the case of this dress, L323, that modification is the simple removal of the long sleeves (which are detachable anyway) and the shiny bustle ribbons on the skirt (which are kinda stupid anyway, because if you use them to tie up the skirt you expose the plain underside of the skirt fabric), as well as not wearing the choker and detachable bow. So with a minimum of effort you have a really cute classic dress from something that at first appears to be one of Bodyline's less nice pieces.

I really love floral prints like this and tee peachy pinks with black is a really nice, and slightly less common, colour scheme. I will point out before launching into the outfits that this dress does have less than wonderful lace but since it's primarily black on black I don't think it's a bit deal.

First up I did a bit of an old-school gothic look. It's meant to have black lace-topped OTK socks too but mine are in the wash at the moment. A rectangle headdress would be perfect, but I don't own one (unless the chocker that came with this dress counts, which I suppose it does since I've worn it before... oops... shoulda included it...). The chunky shoes and overall simplicity make it quite a nice outfit, I think, even though it's not much in a flat-lay.

Then I went the full classic route and I love it! Seriously, I can't wait to figure out the perfect photoshoot for this outfit. I would wear this with black lace tights, but they never photograph well unworn. I'd also do something so un-me and pile of pearl jewellery for this ad do a fancy up-do because this is about as OTT as I go.

Lastly, I came up with a super simple sweet leaning outfit. I love that this dress can (kinda) span all three substyles, though it's definitely mostly a classic dress.

I have to say, even though I don't have very many accessories that match this dress I really love what I can do with it, and can't wait for an opportunity to dress up in it!


  1. That's pretty creative! I've passed this dress on Bodyline's website a lot and always thought it looked pretty low quality from the pics. lol guess I really shouldn't look down on Bodyline huh! ^^

    1. Thanks! Haha don't look down on Bodyline, they have some great stuff; it's just a matter of picking and choosing and coording well ^__^