Friday, 18 December 2015

Florina Photoshoot

I just realised I never shared a little photoshoot James and I did earlier on this year. We were scouting out a new location and lolita seemed to suit rather nicely! All photos by James aka The Enthusiast; make-up etc. by me.

I was really happy with how I arranged the flowers in my hair; I think it was my favourite part of my styling!

I paired BTSSB's Florina Rose with a blouse from The Floral Notebook and offbrand accessories. I honestly find his dress a bit hard to match because the pink is quite dark and magenta-ish. But in sepia, everything matches! I love the old-timey feel these pictures have.

Anyhoo, this is a really brief post and a bit rambly but yes, please enjoy!

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