Saturday, 12 December 2015

Lolita auction haul

Who bought lots of stuff? I bought lots of stuff!

Last Tuesday, after two days of the package supposedly being "out for delivery today", I got to open my glorious, wonderful box of clothes from Buyee. All up, the package contained two JSKs, a bolero, a blouse, a cutsew, four pairs of OTKs, a bag and two novelties. Though, to be fair, the blouse and the cutsew were both intended for the model wardrobe so it wasn't all for me ^__^

This is a shot of everything laid out in its glory. Look at all the clothes!

As with last time I bought from Yahoo Japan, I was quite pleased with Buyee. For most of these items, I actually had promotional coupons which nixed their service fee so there was only the 200 yen PayPal fee on to of the item price and shipping. To be completely honest, without that discount I probably would have bought less as I'm trying to be fairly frugal. I definitely wouldn't have bought the bag!

I wanted to chat a bit about each item as I'm still really excited about it all! As usual though, my phone didn't like getting colours right so just so you know the below pictures have all been fiddled with in photoshop to try an get them mostly accurate, and the photo above is actually probably the closest to the real colours anyway.

First up, a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright mini-heart bag, which I believe came with a mook at some stage. It's cute and was cheap and that's really why I bought it - I wanted to have a brand bag just for the sake of having a brand bag. It really is cute though, and just the right size for my wallet and phone so it's not a bad buy at all.

Next up is the blouse we bought for the model wardrobe, which is also Baby. It's quite cute and sweet but as you can see in the picture below, also quite well worn.

We will either be bleaching it back to white or tea-dying it all, so the stains don't matter too much but they did annoy me a bit. The listing did mention the neck marks and that there was some marks overall, but I feel like this is worse than what the listing made me think it was.

Next is a recent Innocent World bolero that even came NWT! I'll admit, part of the reason why I bought this was because I wanted to see how well I fit an IW L (answer, not very well for now) as I continue to lust over their Millefeuille boleros and want to know if one will ever conceivably fit me.

But this is also a beautiful piece in it's own right, and a brown bolero fits perfectly into my wardrobe. I love that the lace collar is detachable, as it's a bit too fancy to be something I'd really wear much but I can imagine it would be great for easily dressing up outfits.

Then we have something that surprised me, an Alice and the Pirates cutsew intended for our model wardrobe. The surprise is how stretchy it is aka it actually fits me! It doesn't fit well, mind you, so it will go into the model wardrobe rotation for a while at least but wow... it really will be something I can steal back soon!

Not only is the sizing news awesome because this is a lovely cutsew, it also means that cutsews are not beyond my reach in general. I love the old skirt and cutsew look, but even when I had a 93cm bust I'd look at cutsews with a 88cm bus and not be sure if they'd fit. After this fitting with my currently 102cm bust well... when I get back to 93cm I'm not going to worry any more and will get all the cutsews I want!

This dress, Baby's Tartan Check Ribbon Tiny Sleeves JSK in red (obviously), was the first thing I bought in this haul. And it it hands down my absolute favourite item out of all of them! The fabric is luscious and it is so comfortable to wear... I even wore it to my work Christmas party yesterday!

The elastic on the inside of the sleeves needs replacing, but that was mentioned in the listing and it shouldn't be a bit deal to replace. I may do a quick post about it when I change it because altering brand is a kinda scary thing so it may be worth sharing.

The second JSK I got is IW's Princess Rose in bordeaux. It's a lovely older piece and in really good condition for it's age, though you'll have to excuse the wrinkles because I haven't ironed it yet. There's only one problem with this... the straps are way to short! Even moving the buttons to the max leaves it about 10cm short of whre it needs to be to fits my torso well and not be a mini skirt. So I'm debating whether it's best to sell it or modify the straps into a halter. I'm really not sure right now.

As you can see, there are some lovely details to this, but it is a bit of an unusual colour and doesn't match any of the pinks or reds already in my wardrobe. However, unusual colours are also good for variety. You can see my conundrum here. Any advise on the sell or modify question would be welcome!

And then, I got socks. Of course I got socks. I love socks. The black and white AatP ones came with the cutsew, and turned out to be brand new. They're really cute and though I wouldn't have bought them on their own I'm glad to have them. The pink and blue IW pair were in luck packs last year, I think, but they go with so much of my wardrobe and were still new in their packet. The other pairs, both IW, can together but I really only got them for the beige and brown pair - I've been wanting neutral brown floral OTKs for ages! The other pair I'll probably sell, because neither the colour or style matches my wardrobe too well.

Lastly, these two novelties also came with the AatP cutsew - I believe that whole lot was stuff the seller got in a lucky pack or the like. Anyway, these are a washcloth and a notebook and they are both really adorable. Not quite sure if I'm going to use them yet - I have been thinking about holding a giveaway of some sort at some time and these may make good prizes so we'll see. Anyway, I love having brand novelties and they're currently living in my brand drawer where I keep bags, tags and flyers.

So there's my latest haul! Overall I'm really happy with my newest wardrobe additions ^__^


  1. Haul haul haul! Great pieces! Do you run a Lolita Photography Studio?
    I love the IW piece it's just classic.
    I just made a purchase too, I'm hoping I won't buy anything until I head to Japan in April 2016. Wish me luck!

    1. Thanks ^__^

      Haha nothing lolita-specific, but my partner is an awesome photographer and I'm often involved in styling, hair and make-up as well as modelling myself so we have quite an extensive wardrobe just to dress people in, and lolita blouses are so great for steampunk and vintage styles as well as lolita itself.

      Oh definitely save your money for Japan! I dream (occasionally literally) about lolita shopping in Japan.