Monday, 28 December 2015

Lolita 52: My first meet-up

I guess we have to start with a confession: I have never been to a proper lolita meet-up. I did once get together for lunch with two nice girls from the Sydney community, but I don’t think that counts as a proper meet-up, even though it was pretty cool to meet some other lolitas.

And, leading on from that confession, here is another: I don’t have much desire to attend most meet-ups. I am a person of limited sociability, and due to my job at the moment, time, and I prefer to spend what energy I have on social activities that matter more to me that hanging out with people who are strangers (I know they wouldn’t be if I went to more meet-ups, but they are at the start, okay?) who happen to like the same fashion. It’s not that I don’t want to do meet-ups, it’s just that they are lower on my list of priorities and at the moment most things on the lower end just don’t get done.

However, I really would love to attend lolita events. If Australia ever starts a lolita convention I will be there with bells on. Same if there are ever brand events or the like. I know that might sound kind of two-faced but the thing is that I really am kind of shy and nervous around people I don’t know. At a more casual meet-up, that would be uncomfortable for me. At a larger, more structured event, it wouldn’t be… or at least not to the same extent. Also, larger events often seem to involve shopping, and one of my day dreams is to be able to do lolita shopping in person rather than online.

Angelic Pretty's 2014 Tea Party in Paris.

So that’s my not-really-a-post about my first meet-up. But rest assured, once I actually do go to my first meet-up, I will post about it on this blog!


  1. The first time I met up with my community was at a game cafe. I couldn't go in Lolita because I came from work (and didn't have a full outfit at the time). We did a meet like that every week so it was really easy to go to and hang out with who-ever could go.

    I'm living away from my capital city at the moment and I've developed a more independent mind-set regarding the fashion. I dress up in Lolita fashion and blog by myself, I have a few friends from the community that I keep in contact with too. I like to think I've created a nice lolita/life balance in that sense.

    1. That sounds like a fun casual way to meet your local comm!

      I guess my other problem is that, like you, I'm not in a capital city. I'm only about and hour and a half away but that still adds an extra three hours of travel time to attending anything, which makes it a bit more of a time commitment.

      Your lolita/life balance sounds good. I do love that online communities in particular allow for participation even if you are remote.