Saturday, 28 November 2015

Lolita 52: 10 facts about my lolita wardrobe

This is going to be a tough one. Let's see how we go, starting with the obvious!

1. It's mostly classic, but spans all the major substyles.
Over time I've found that classic lolita is the style I like wearing the most. I adore looking at sweet lolita, and gothic is fun for a different vibe, but classic is where it's at for me. However, I never like being too limited so I have a couple more gothic pieces and some things I can wear in a more sweet style.

2. It's primarily floral.
And those things that aren't floral are fruity, simple patterns or solid colours. I didn't plan this, it just happened that way.

3. OTKs are one of my favourite things.
I simply adore lolita OTKs, and have to resist buying ones I won't wear. I hardly wear the ones I do have anyway! But they're one of my favourite things about lolita.

My glorious burando sock collection. Not pictured... everything that isn't brand.

4. I have almost the same amount of blouses and shoes.
I'll admit, after listing the first three points I started running out of facts, so I counted how many of each kind of things I had, and it turns out that at time of writing I have 15 blouses and fourteen pairs of shoes. Funny how they turned out kind of equivalent.

5. I like options more than main pieces.
This should not be a surprise if you've read many of my posts but when I did the count mentioned above I realised that with that amount of blouses and shoes I have 24 main pieces. What can I say? I like having options.

6. Berets are my favourite headwear.
I tend to feel uncomfortable in headbows most of the time, and sometime struggle to get floral clips to work right, so berets are my go-to head accessory.

7. I own lots of bows.
James was wonderful and bought me about 80 little ribbon bow clips a while back and they are great because they help me coord everything better: no matter what it is I will at least have a bow to match even if there is nothing else! They also look super cute at the end of plaits or clipped to the front of a beret.

I have little bows like these... but so, so many of them!

8. There is fawn fur.
It's not a ridiculous collection, but I definitely have a distinct fawn fur collection.

9. I don't do jewellery.
This is more a me thing than a distinctly lolita wardrobe related thing, but it had the effect that I have no lolita specific jewellery. Though, given that we have a huge model wardrobe jewellery collection that I can borrow from at will, my personal lack doesn't leave me lacking in that department when the urge for bling takes me.

10. There's very little brand. 
Of my 15 blouses and 24 main pieces there are only 4 brand items (though I have a bolero and bustier too! ...and a few more things in the mail...). Everything else is Bodyline, taobao, indie, offbrand or handmade.

Burando main pieces! And would you look at that? They're all floral...

So those are some (possibly) noteworthy facts about my lolita wardrobe. What are some facts about yours?


  1. Thanks for the post. Interesting that you have a lot of shoes! Okay, three facts about my wardrobe:
    1. I'm trying to consolodate my wardrobe into a brown, navy and ivory colour pallet - after buying pink, yellow, blue and a bit more pink. I'm trying to steer my wardrobe into cohesive territory.
    2. My least favourite lolita item is OTKs (I have great legs just not for socks lol)
    3. Half my wardrobe is still in Japan because I couldn't fit it into my suitcase and I didn't want to ship it over in a box.

    This would be a fun full post to do. I'll have to add it to the list!!

    1. I just... really like shoes, lol.

      Thanks for sharing your wardrobe facts, I'd be keen to read the entire post if you do it!