Friday, 26 December 2014

Review #34: Metamorphose Socks

With some of my Christmas money I bought myself three pairs of lovely socks from Metamorphose temps de fille, and this is my review!


First up is two pairs of the Dressy Over The Knee Socks in antique white x bordeux and brown x antique white. I'd been eyeing these off for a while because I felt they were a nice neutral design that would go well with my wardrobe.

Then I got the above pair on bordeux. As soon as the Romantic Kimono series was put up on pre-order I fell in love with these socks, mostly because they feature camellia flowers. Because, random Roli fact, my dad is a plant breeder and there's a camellia variety out there named after me, the Paradise Caroline. So I've always had an immense soft spot for camellias and since you hardly ever see them in fashion items, these were a must get.

This is my flower ^__^

However, since they were on pre-order and the other socks were just in regular stock, I emailed in to ask if they could ship them out together and if so, how I should go about ordering. I got a helpful reply back saying I should place two separate orders but pay shipping for the total of the two orders once, but it turns out you can't do that in their check out. So I emailed back saying that and asking if I could be refunded if I paid double shipping. About a week later I got a reply saying yes, and apologising for the delay. By this point they were actually in stock anyway, so I placed the order as normal but I wanted to recount that because I found the online staff very pleasant and helpful.

I ordered on the 18th of December, received an email on the 23rd saying they had been posted on the 19th and had the package in my hands on the 24th. And now onto the part everyone was waiting for, the actual review.

Socks! Glorious socks! This picture is a tad dark though.

And this one's a bit bright but more accurate, colour-wise.

As you can see. the Romantic Kimono socks are actually a bit longer than the others, but they are all long, soft and stretchy. As for colour the only deviation from the stock pictures is really the brown ones which are noticeably lighter than the stock photo. The other two pairs are very accurate to the stock pictures. The three pairs of socks were in a clear plastic sleeve together and were mailed inside a big white Metamorphose shopping bag. Meta also sent along a brochure for their current Swan Garden special sets, a logo sticker and a spare shopping bag. All in all I am really happy with these socks.

Also, belatedly... Merry Christmas!

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