Friday, 28 November 2014

Velveteen floral outfits.

I've decided to play more with my lolita clothes to try and find new, interesting outfits. I think I have a fairly cohesive, medium-sized wardrobe now but still sometimes find myself a bit stumped. So to combat that, every so often I'm going to do some flat-lays to try out new ideas.

A piece I love, but sometimes have trouble wearing in unique ways, is Bodyline's L479. It's a really good piece, especially for Bodyline, and I find it really comfortable and flattering. And naturally, it seemed like a good first candidate to try experimenting with.

Before anything else, I really wanted to share a fabric close up! There are a lot of subtle hues going on in this dress that aren't evident at all in the stock photo.

This first outfit is the way I mostly wear this dress. My favourite boots, a fawn fur collar with a beret, flowers and pearls. It's basic but looks quite nice, channelling a bit of a vintage vibe.

In this outfit I tried something new, layering a long sleeved blouse under the OP. The flower on the hat and at the neck tie in the shoes and stop the outfit from being overwhelming brown. I have solid brown tights in this picture but some subtle floral socks or tights in colours that match the dress would be lovely.

I was loosing a lot of light by this point, so apologies for the grain in this shot. Taking inspiration from the last outfit I tried layering a different blouse underneath and brought in more light colours. Again I'm using solid tights, this time off-white, but in this outfit I think they work really well. This outfit also made me realise that berets really are my go-to hair accessory... but these are wintry outfits, so it's okay.

It was nice to experiment with these outfits, and to share them here, so this sort of thing may be added to my regularly irregular blogging schedule.


  1. I really, really love that last one!!

    1. Thanks, I really do too, it was nice to discover I could make a lighter outfit with the dress.

  2. Wow, I love your posts! I'm still super new to this blogging thing so I'm awed at how consistent you are!
    Figured it was about time that I try to talk to you... I really love your blog. It's one of my favorite blogs online so ... <3

    1. Thank you! This is one of the sweetest comments I've ever gotten ^__^ Haha I'm not very consistent at all really, but I'm trying to be better at it!