Saturday, 22 November 2014

Metamorphose outfit contest entry

As you've probably noticed, Metamorphose is currently holding an Autumn/Winter outfit contest, and I decided to enter! My lovely James took a bunch of photos for me, and the one I entered was my favourite. If you like it [or even just like me ^__^] please click here and like the photo on facebook.

I've gradually been falling more and more in love with the Flower Bottle skirt I got in my summer lucky packs and managed to figure out how to wear so much pink and have it look good... by pairing it with darker colours! Here I wore it with my blouse from The Floral Notebook, Bodyline shoes and offbrand accessories.

Here's a flat-lay of the outfit, minus the tights. In the worn photo you can't really see the flowers I clipped to the front of the beret, which I thought was a nice way to carry through the floral theme without overdoing it. And, since I had the skirt out, i decided to come up with another Autumn appropriate outfit with the skirt.

Somehow I feel this has a country kind of vibe... as in country music, not country lolita. I think it's the vest. Anyhow, I like this outfit too though I'm not sure if it's something I could wear myself and have it be flattering it was really fun to play wound with my gorgeous skirt.

A gratuitous print close-up to end on, and again, I'd really appreciate it if you liked it on facebook.

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