Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Wardrobe Challenge: The wardrobe that made me happy

One day I'll get better at titles, I swear, but it is accurate. When this Anon first posts a collage of their wardrobe pieces it made me really happy because to me they had a good balance of pieces, they said they were trying to keep it so they only bought things that would work in their wardrobe and overall it looks like they had a sensible approach to wardrobe building. And that really did make me happy, and it was really fun to have a play with their wardrobe.

This is what they have currently, plus assorted bows that can go on the beret, and jewellery to match each of their main pieces.

As you can see, Anon has done what I think is a sensible thing and gotten two blouses with detachable sleeves which I've photoshopped off in the collage to show the differences. They also have brown wristcuffs with mint bows, but since I think she should get or make a plain brown pair I've just pictured those in my suggestions, so imagine mint bows where appropriate. Lastly, if you've read the rest of this series you'll know I don't normally include bags as I think they're not important as long as they match, but since this wardrobe was small I made an exception ^__^

Along with my suggestions I've included four pieces that are examples of the things Anon wants to add to their wardrobe in the near future, so I've worked them into the coordinates as well to show how they would go in their wardrobe.

Overall, since this Anon had taken a fairly logical approach to building their wardrobe, they didn't really need many main pieces in addition to what they already had. The gold blouse is a bit frivolous, but I thought it added a great depth to the wardrobe. Mostly they just needed a few more accessory options. The selection I've included is still a bit limited and I think they could benefit from some neutral patterned pink and white socks, a white hair piece, a second black blouse, some differently styled shoes and also perhaps looking into getting some outerwear, but I think that with my suggestions and the pieces they were planning to add already they have a very cohesive wardrobe.

I interpreted their style as being quite sweet with just a hint of classic, so when I chose the pieces to add and when I came up with the outfits I tried to keep everything fun and a bit cute. I also love their kind of fruit-and-candy theme and if that is a deliberate theme and not just a coincidence I think that would be a fun way to build their wardrobe going forward.

With the pink and red in the print, as well as the overall mint base, it was really easy to come up with three fairly distinctive outfits for this adorable JSK Anon could also do a very typical sweet lolita outfit by coordinating this dress with white, but I chose to picture more interesting outfits instead.

I honestly don't have much to say about these three outfits, except to make my usual disclaimer of assuming that Anon will get pink that match in real life, as some of the tones are off here. However, it was fun to try a slightly more elegant take on the far left as well as two differently styled cute looks in the centre and on the right.

If Anon hadn't said they were planning on getting a high-waisted black skirt I would have probably suggested selling this dress, as it is quite a change of pace from their other main pieces. But since they are working in more black I included a few complementary pieces in my additions, and even though these outfits are a little repetitive I think they are still sufficiently different to let Anon not feel like they're wearing the same outfit over and over.

Since this skirt was the only sax blue piece in their wardrobe, I didn't want to introduce new pieces to match it alone. The red and white socks could also go with the first JSK in this post, so they don't count! However, this meant that these outfits all use the same headbow, but headbows are fairly cheap so Anon may want to look into getting one in sax or, like I suggested earlier, white in order to have a little more variety.

I'm going to say something I say every time I do one of these posts... solid main pieces are awesome! Seriously, the more I do this the more I think every lolita should have at least a couple of solid pieces as they give so much variety to the wardrobe. plus, they're generally cheaper than prints when buying second-hand so it's a win-win! Here we have two sweet looks and one more classic look, and they are all dramatically different.

And lastly I made some outfits using the black high-waisted skirt that is an example of what Anon is planning on buying in the future. Like the previous skirt, the solid colouring makes it easy to create outfits with very different vibes with the one skirt, though I do think the sweet outfit in the middle is pushing it a bit with the particular skirt I chose to use, but it really depends on exactly what skirt Anon is looking at getting.

It was such a pleasure to work on this wardrobe, and I was really pleased with how much versatility I was able to add with so few pieces. And again, if anyone reading this want help with their own wardrobe of under twenty main pieces, please let me know!

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