Monday, 24 November 2014

A Wardrobe Challenge: Chocolate and Not-olate

It took me a little while but I am pleased to present the latest instalment of the wardrobe challenge series! This Anon had a half-chocolate, half-not [well, not really that even of a split, but whatever] collection, hence my oh-so-witty title ^__^

These are the items they had to start off with, though I did get different pictures for two headbows and I also wasn't sure if their brown blouse [which is not the one picture, but similar-ish] was long or short sleeved but assumed it was long and added a short sleeved one in my suggestions because I think they should have both!

And these are the items I think they need to add to round out their wardrobe. However, this is only the bare minimum I think they should add, and I do think they need even more than what I've pictured to have a really versatile wardrobe. A gold blouse would also be good, I think, as well as a second one in black. A few more legwear options, different hair accessories, more wristcuffs and some additional outerwear would also be beneficial. And more shoes; specifically burgundy, a differently styled black pair and a navy pair. But as always I tried to round out their wardrobe by introducing the minimum number of new pieces possible. And I will also reiterate my standard disclaimer that stock photo lighting can be inconsistent so in my suggestions I'm assuming they will get pieces that really do match in real life.

Anon also included their bags and some smaller accessories. I haven't included the bags this time around, but I do suggest that they get a neutral black and neutral white one as that should give them a matching option for everything. I also didn't make use of their smaller accessories, many of which were biscuit and chocolate themed.

Anyway, enough talk! On to the example outfits... starting with the chocolate [and otherwise sweet themed] outfits. To be honest, I don't have much to say about this run of outfits as they are all a bit same-y due to the colours and the overall theme, so have a wall of images unbroken by text.

However, I do have a few points, thoughts and ideas about the non-chocolate side of this wardrobe so let us continue.

I fell head-over-heels for this JSK coming up with these outfits. The colours were so easy to work with and the design is just gorgeous. I played with the three main print colours in each of the outfits.

Conversely, this JSK was hard to work with, mostly because of the dominating silver print. I tried to work with the navy colour scheme in the middle outfit but the Loyal Rosette socks would only be able to work if Anon added other smaller accessories to make it match.

This JSK I had read was hard to coord and I agree. Despite sharing a colour scheme with the Ecailles de Lune dress for some reason this print it harder to balance correctly. Like in the coords above, the outfit with the navy AP socks may not translate well offscreen, but I wanted to try it.

Books! I adore book prints so it was fun to try my hand at coordinating this dress. Red and gold made it easy to match in a variety of different ways.

Coming up with these outfits really reminded me how much I adore sweet lolita. Here I worked with the main colour, the primary accent colour and whit to make three very different looks.

I'm not sure what accents colours there are in this print, having not seen it in real life, but it was a safe bet to assume that red was one of them. The other outfits, with white and black, were obvious choices.

Due to stock lighting I can't be sure where this dress sits on the white-to-ivory spectrum, so there's a chance these outfits may be off the mark in that regard. Though I do think you could potentially pull of ivory with warm whites, it would be challenging to do.

I don't have much to say about these outfits ^__^

Another gorgeous dress! My principles for this dress were much the same as for the previous stained glass dress... using black, white and red as the bases for the three different outfits.

This last JSK was very easy to work with since it has so many colours in the print. It would also go quite nicely with blue, I think.

Now, you may have noticed that Anon had a pair of socks and some tights that I didn't use in the outfits. I normally try to make use of everything the original wardrobe has, but this time I couldn't. I'm not really saying anything, just mentioning it in case anyone noticed.

I have three more wardrobes in my "pile" but I'm always happy to take on more with under twenty main pieces. However, it's a lot easier for me if you could give me a link to a facebook or imgur album or even email me pictures rather than you make a collage and then me cut it all out. So please drop me a comment if you'd like me to have a look at your wardrobe and make suggestions on how to expand ^__^

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