Monday, 27 October 2014

A Wardrobe Challenge: And it was, indeed, a challenge

I told you we'd be back to normal lolita blogging soon!

Another wardrobe in need of assistance. Or, in this case, not so much. This Anon gave me the following picture and also said that they have more blouses, more shoes, legwear, bags, jewellery and other offbrand stuff.

So like the last wardrobe, but even more so, I was kind of stabbing in the dark with this one. And to be honest, that made me a bit lazy. With no idea what other pieces they had or what styles they were in I didn't bother too much with matching themes. A main example of this is that some of the hair accessories are floral, which doesn't necessarily match too well. However, as with every time I do this I'm seeing my suggestions as recommendations of types of items. I may have a black floral headpiece included, but any black headwear would work equally as well or even better.

Above are my suggested additions to their wardrobe. Again, as always, I'm doing this on the assumption that the colours do match in real life... Innocent World's stock photos never bugged me so much until I started doing these wardrobes!

Below are my outfit examples, with the exception of any coordinates for the Metmorphose military set. It's a gorgeous set, but limited, so my only suggestion for that is add black boots and rock it, which, based on the black boots already in Anon's wardrobe, is exactly what they already do.

First up is this cute JSK in the fairly obvious black-and-gold, white and the less obvious red-and-gold.

This is an example of me having no idea whether the reds would match in real life, but the great thing with a dress like this with a base colour and a bold, all-over print is that if your complementary pieces don't match the base colour perfectly it generally isn't as obvious anyway. But I ran with bright red, darker red and black to coord this JSK.

Much as I don't like bringing in pieces that only match one wardrobe item I added the IW beret and Metamorphose socks just to match this JSK.

I fell in love with this dress coming up with these coords. So gorgeous. I would have loved to have done a really opulent steampunk look with this, but retrained myself.

Another gorgeous dress. I really loved how this wardrobe featured so many gold details, and I hope that Anon's jewellery collection contains some stunning gold pieces, including something for her hair, that match.

I've mentioned it before but I'll say it again - I love solids in lolita. And this JSK to me is the bet of both worlds, the subtle print gives it some visual interest while the overall it's still monochrome and easy to work with.

Ahhh and I do love some traditional lolita as well. The far left look is an attempt at modernising this very old school dress.

And here we have another more traditional piece, which I've strung together a few different looks for. Again, the far left is the most out there coordinate while the other two are safer black and white affairs.

This is another dress where I had to incorporate some specific accessories in the form of the headbow and the tights.

We own this dress! And I think it's really cute ^__^ The capelet is detachable, so imagine the middle outfit without it.

Normally, onepieces are a bit of a challenge. But despite the long sleeves on this it was fair easy to work with! The far right outfit may or may not work in real life, it's something I can't quite tell from looking at these stock photos, but if it did work I think it'd be a great look.

It's hard to see when the picture is so small but there is a grey border print on this dress. Due to the simple colour palette it was really easy to coordinate in a couple of different ways.

After having encountered this OP in a previous wardrobe as well, I'm realising that I personally don't particularly want to buy dresses like this: that is, dresses that are phenomenal pieces on thier own, but don't have much potential for creative coordination. For me, the fun of lolita is in mixing and matching pieces and for my personal tastes things like this are way to limiting.

This is not a JSK, but a set. However, I like it better as a set so I didn't do outfits for the skirt alone. Also, I don't feel like the bodice would work very well on it's own without the skirt.

And lastly we have Anon's only skirt [that's not part of a set] and for these outfits I made use of the Chess Story bustier because, well, it's exactly how I'd wear it! I never blogged about it but I recently got my hands on an Innocent World Bustier that is a tad too small [weight loss goal!] and I am so keen to wear it with every single thing.

There we have the fourth instalment of the wardrobe challenges completed! I still have two more in the works, and after that I was actually planning on doing this to my own wardrobe as critically as possible.

Since I've gotten through two-thirds of the wardrobes, I'm also now open to taking on new ones, as it's nice to have them percolate in the back of my mind a bit before actually hunting down pieces and starting work. So if you like what I've been suggesting and would like to run your wardrobe by me [and it has under twenty main pieces] let me know!

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