Monday, 15 April 2013

Things I Don't Have In My Wardrobe #1: Cardigans

Flicking through fashion blogs cardigans are something I see again and again - whether the blogger is an all-out goth or a modern fashionista or a sweet lolita, it seems like cardigans are something that everyone has. Except me. I do not own a single cardigan. I have owned cardigans in the past, but I've never bought one; those I had came from the closet cleanings of my sisters or various friends.

Why the aversion to cardigans? Honestly, I'm not too sure, and until I got into lolita I never even thought about cardigans, but cardigans along with boleros and cropped jackets are such a lolita staple that I have begun re-evaluating my choice to avoid the humble yet apparently versatile cardigan.

Maybe it's a curvy girl thing. I'm sure many will disagree with me here, but I feel that us gals with more meat on our bones can't wear boring outfits. A plain tank top and jeans [perhaps topped with a neutral cardigan] looks great on girls with toned bodies to show off, but not on me. I need something more interesting, thought that's a much personality as proportions.

Maybe it's also because cardigans have always seemed a bit 30+ to me. Given that I'm 22, I don't feel much of a need to dress like a mature-er woman until I actually am one.

So what's a non-cardigan-wearing girl to do? For me, with my cute nerd girl style, I tend to find layering under, rather than over, is my go-to look; a grey-and-black striped long sleeved shirt under a cute t-shirt is what I wear most. And if wearing something over the top of an outfit is necessary, I go for the hoodie. At the moment, it's this hoodie from tokidoki.

But Roli, you can't be casual all the time, what do you wear in place of the trusty cardigan when you have to look a little neater? Elementary, my dear reader. Fitted jackets. Nice fitted jackets. I know there's not too big a difference, really, between a cardigan and a jacket; they both fasten up the front, cover your arms, and both jackets and cardigans can range the spectrum from plain and casual to rather fancy. But I find no garment can span from grungy to glamourous, professional to punk-y, feminine to funky, quite so well as a good jacket.

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