Thursday, 4 April 2013

Review #11: Stocking Shock. And Syra is gone.

When I got my fawn fur collar and was blown away by the quality, James and I decided to get a few more items from Stocking Shock [aka Peacockalorum]. We ordered direct from their website using the PayPal checkout option that was available for the items rather than the email order form, which was really easy to do. We ordered February 20th and the package arrived today, April 4th.

Apologies in advance for the horribly flashed photos, it's a dark and drizzly day. For more accurate colours, see the stock photos for each item, and know that in real life they are lovely.

Bradgate Collar
Again, this was a lovely piece of work. The lace is a different make from the cream lace on my first collar, but it's still lovely. This collar is slightly larger than my first one, which was very snug around the neck, so there's a bit more breathing room. There were a few more stitches visible on the inside than last time but it's on the inside so it doesn't matter. It's very sturdily made and of good materials, so I'm very happy again.

Antique Cameo
Honestly, I think this is way lovelier in person than it is in the stock photos or my photo. It's just gorgeous - a really simple design that makes wonderful use of the lace's shape, the textural contrast of the lace and the ribbon and the solid detailing of the cameo. I love it.

Viola Jabot
This thing definitely needs an iron to look its best, but I think when ironed it will look fantastic. The lace on the jabot we received is different from that in the stock photo, but it's still a nice thick lace. The stitching is all incredibly neat and all in all it's a very nice piece. However, my phone hates it therefore there is not photo but the stock photo is very accurate except for the lace difference.

Viola Choker
This chocker is nice but doesn't seem as well made as all the other items. Certain hand sewing was done in black, which shows up a lot against the cream ribbon and it all seems a little pucker-y, for lack of a better word. However, these flaws aren't noticeable when worn and the laces used are really nice so it really balances out in the end, it's just odd that the other three piece were lovely and this one was a little less so.

The only thing I'm not a huge fan of from my two experiences with Stocking Shock is the lack of communication. When we placed the order there was an automatic message that we would be contacted to confirm the order, and we weren't. After a few weeks I emailed to check how things were going, got a very prompt reply and was told they'd let us know when the order shipped, and they didn't. See, I'm okay with a lack of communication because I tend to trust online sellers, especially ones I've bought from before, and I know made-to-order can take a while, but I don't like being told I'll be contacted and then not have that happen. However, that's my only issue with Stocking Shock and it's really a matter of personal preference than a real problem. Whenever I've had to message them they've always replied promptly and politely, which is all that matters.

Overall Opinions
Basically, Stocking Shock does great stuff. Everything looks fine when worn so even if there are a few visible stitches once it's on they won't be visible any more so it really doesn't matter. I think their making time is quite reasonable and even if they don't keep you updated they always reply to correspondence quickly and pleasantly and are overall really good to deal with.

Now, I'm just tacking this onto the end of this post because I don't think I have the guts to put it all on it's own. Last night we found and buried Syra's body, and today James made her a lovely grave. She was a real sweetie, and she is very missed.

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