Sunday, 28 April 2013

Review #12: Bodyline

It's Bodyline time again ^__^

This order went smooth as pie though it took a couple days longer than normal to come in the mail, but as it was Anzac Day on Thursday that's more than fine that it came on Friday rather than the more usual Tuesday. Only, we did one thing differently. The "yen trick" has been floating around for a little bit now and I remembered it two clicks away from finalising checkout and managed to shave a few dollars off our order. I feel a bit bad for exploiting a flaw in their site but James and I have bought a lot of Bodyline, intend to do so again, and we recommend the store a fair bit as well so I think it all evens out.

Anyway, on to the reviewing!
L479 in pik and brw.

I already own and love this dress, and when we saw it had gone down in price we leapt on the chance to buy it in a different colourway. We also got a second brown dress a size down because I'm loosing weight rapidly and James and I both love this dress.

The brown dress is living in its bag for now, but as for the "pink" again this dress is lovely and fits wells. What was surprising, though, is how vibrant the floral fabric is! The colour of the velvet in the stock picture is accurate, but the floral has lovely bright colours in it. See?

And, in answer to something I didn't mention in my last review and that I've seen asked around a few times; the velvet part is only at the top and the bottom, the floral is not an overlay on a wholly velvet dress. However, the floral is a decently thick material that feels like a nice polyester cotton blend. Thus, this dress would be great for Spring and Autumn wear, but only for mild Winter weather.

As a bonus, have a worn photo of the original brown OP worn for a dinner date along with one of my Stocking Shock fawn fur collars. Forgive the darkness, the sun was setting and my phone doesn't like the dark.

L389 in red-owh.

A $13 dress? How can I possibly refuse? This dress is really cute and the fabric is very light - the stock picture is more accurate to colour than mine, but neither pictures show that there is a slight glittery thread running through the plaid.. The only problem is that the lace is all fairly meh raschel lace; the stuff on the straps is fairly scratchy, the stuff on the bodice, detachable bows [yes, both bows pictured are detachable] and waist ties is softer and the stuff at the bottom is really quite soft. However, I don't really care since it's all white on such a pale dress and there isn't much of it at all. If I find it bugs me I'll replace it, but I don't think it will. Just pointing the lace quality out because I know some lolitas are very picky on laces ^__^

L473 in brw.

I've been eyeing off this jacket for a while and thought, given that here in Australia we're well into Autumn, it was time to give it a try. I grabbed it in a large, which is theoretically too small for my bust but actually fits perfectly, if snugly. There's nothing too much to say about this jacket and I didn't even bother with taking my own photo because really what you see is exactly what you get. And a spare button. You do get a spare shiny button.

Assorted $1 ankle socks.

Nice socks are nice, what more is there to tell? The blue socks look like they may have been made by a different manufacturer as the lace is significantly different than that on the other three pairs. But in any case, all these pairs are comfortable, soft and fit well as well as look cute! So that was a very well spent four bucks.

The Pros:
  • The usual sturdy construction in decent fabrics.
  • Loving how bright L479 is!
  • Also loving Bodyline's low, low prices. Honestly, for price to quality ratio I don't think they can be beaten.
The Neutrals:
  • Cheap raschel lace is cheap raschel lace. I don't care much though ^__^

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