Sunday, 9 September 2012

Loliable Shops #1: Tree of Life

Today [technically yesterday, but I haven't slept yet, therefore it's still today] James and I had a fabulous date day of sushi, waffles, spur of the moment massages and some impulse buying. After all the nommables and a new pair of black wedges [because you can never have enough black heels] we popped into the Tree of Life store and walked away with a fabulous medieval fantasy dress in white for the model wardrobe, and while we were there I was surprised by how many things looked like they could work in a lolita wardrobe. Normally I look in Tree of Life to satisfy my not-entirely-buried inner hippy so it was great to look at certain items with new eyes.

There were things we saw in store that I couldn't track down on their website, but here are some of the things I could:

These two dresses are very obviously rockabilly, but on a shorter girl or with a lengthening underskirt I think they could make for some cute casual lolita outfits! There always seems to be a fair bit of cross-over-ability with rockabilly/lolita to me. In store there was also a super cute and very full skirt out of the blue fabric which would be more easily loliable.

How cute are these? I was very tempted by the dress but it's a little my tastes. Again, a bit on the short side, but workable nevertheless.

There were a whole bunch of cute skirts that looked full enough to create that cupcake silhouette that for whatever reason are not listed on the Tree of Life website or facebook. Ah well. Just means I'll have to head over to the shop again in person soon. Such a trial....

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