Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Review #5.1: Bodyline - Dresses

My wonderful man recently bought me an absolute haul of lolita from Bodyline! Such a haul, in fact, that I have split my reviews into various sub-sections to avoid gigantic uber posts of doom. This is the section for dresses ^__^

L411, M, gre

This dress is greener than I expected...and I love that! It's lightweight, comfortable, pretty and makes me happy. It's fully shirred around the bust and waist and I think it could probably fit all the way up to 120cm [though don't quote me on that]. It has really thin detachable waist ties which I actually really like.

L136, 2L, blk

After buying the skirt in the blue I found myself lusting after the JSK in black. So we got it. It's a really cute design and a great fit on me, though the zipper seems to have a spot that it doesn't like passing. I do have to say though that I really dislike the buttons and the upper two bows. But that take around two minutes to fix and I bought this dress knowing I would be making those alterations so it's no big deal at all. The waist ties are sewn on so I may end up removing them as well, or at least converting them to be detachable.

L406, 2L, blk

I adore black and white stripes. It's been one of my favourite things for ages and I was really glad when Bodyline came out with this JSK because it meant I could try out lolita with one of my favourite colour and pattern combos! It's a great fit and nicely made - the solid black part is actually a complete attached underskirt rather than just a ruffly fake front panel. Due to this, and the fact that it's made out of a not-thin-but-not-exactly-thick fabric it's actually rather heavy. The lace seems to be nice cotton lace as well. I will probably remove the large bow because waist bows just don't do it for me and perhaps remove or modify the waist ties to be detachable, but other than that this is a really cute dress.

L497, 2L, blk

I was a bit on the fence about this dress when we were choosing what to get, but James liked it. And once again, I am so glad I listened to him! It's a little on the "drowning in lace" side, but it's really cute! The print is actually really gorgeous in real life and the colours are really vibrant. As with all the dresses in this post, it'a great fit, well constructed and nice fabric.  but the detachable bow is going to become a hairbow and I'll most like unpick the waist ties as well.

The Pros:
  • Lots of cute fabrics!
  • All dresses are well made with no noticeable construction flaws. 
  • They are all true to size and the website images.
  • Every JSK has two different strap lengths, which is handy.
The Neutrals:
  • None of the dresses are lined. I personally don't care but some people do.
  • Bow and waist tie removal required! But again that's entirely a personal opinion.


  1. Hiya!
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Lolita fashion, I hope you'll enjoy it a lot! The stuff you ordered looks really cute, well done! You managed to get some of BL's pretty decent items. :)

    I've been wanting to buy that flowery dress since it came out, but could not decide on the colour... Also, I'm pretty busty for my size and not sure how it would look on me. (Busts are not good for wearing loli... :) I wear size 8-10 in skirts, but need to go up to 10-12 in bust. :/
    If I saw right, you are somewhere between size 10 and 12, so I'd be reeeeeeally grateful if you could show a worn coordi with the dress!
    (I'm so curious about the rest of your coords to! :))

    Love from Budapest, Hungary,

    1. Thanks Lyona :)

      It's a really cute dress. I think you probably couldn't go much larger than my 102cm bust in it though - maybe 110cm, but not more because it makes the neckline/collar go funny.

      I'm planning a country lolita photoshoot around this dress, I'll give you a link as soon as I have photos to share :)

  2. Hi Roli!

    This is one of my first times posting a comment on someones blog, but I wanted to say Thanks for the review! I was thinking of getting the Alice JSK (in black also) but after seeing this I'm convinced. I also really like the black & white striped one and will be putting it on my wish list :) Just a heads up... I will now be following you ;)

    1. Heya Angel :) Not a problem! I love my Alice JSK [have the skirt too!], it's just do pretty. Haha awesome, you're acutally my first follower so I am very, very chuffed right now ^__^

    2. Yay! I'm usually never the first for anything. lol. But when I was going through your blog I saw how much you like the same things as me and had to follow to see what you will do next. I especially love y'alls (sorry, I'm from Texas ;P) photography. I love taking pictures (mainly ones of my family) and hope to one day be able to create some beautiful images as y'all have :)

    3. Thank you :D Photography is so much fun :)

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