Monday, 27 August 2012

Review #2: Personalizationproduct

EDIT: I've since done an updated review of the two items from this store, which can be found here

Today I came home from uni and what did my boyfriend have laid out on the bed for me? Another lolita dress! Just like my first eBay lolita purchase, this dress and underskirt set is from Personalizationproduct and I am totally and utterly in love with it, especially because my hunny bought it for me.

After a little bit of looking around [and shameless, helpless drooling] on hello lace I found out it's a replica of this dress. And it's a damn good one too!

Again the dress is sturdily made of a nice thick cotton, and the underskirt is a lighter cotton with a good, thick elastic waist. As well as secure ribbon lacing up the back there is a hidden side zipper that moves smoothly. The dress is a little large even though I'm at the large end of the range of measurements listed, but with the back lacing that's not a problem at all. The elastic on the poofy sleeves is comfortable and all in all it's a very good dress. 

I only noticed two flaws in the dress, and it's quite likely they will both be fixed when I give it a good ironing. The skirt puckers a little along the seams, but this could also be because it's a very full skirt and designed to be worn with a more powerful petticoat than the ones I have. Also the lining on the right side of the neckline refuses to stay tucked down completely. I will update when I have ironed it and have a better petticoat and see if that fixes things. Also, the ends of the ribbon lacing haven't been finished in any way and will potentially start fraying, but a little clear nail polish will fix that so no biggie.

This time my wonderful man gave me a super quick mini photoshoot in the garden so I could show off my new dress but when I was putting the dress on I realised the white underskirt [and it is white, even though it looks kind of creamy in the product photo] really didn't work for me. But as I am a crafty bugger sometimes it just so happened I had a lolita-style tiered underskirt in cream with some cute eyelet lace that I made a couple of weeks back that I slipped on instead. So that's the underskirt I am wearing in the photos.



I do just want to put it out there that that was a literally five minute photoshoot just for this blog. I didn't even brush my hair, and I edited them with pixlr-o-matic because photoshop has broken on my laptop. But we plan on doing proper lolita photoshoots soon!

Just in case anyone is curious, here is a terrible photo of the underskirt that came with the dress.

It's a very serviceable skirt with no flaws that I noticed but for me personally the white/burgundy combination didn't work. I'm not quite sure what to do with it, especially if I get more dresses from this store, because a number of them come with what looks like the exact same underskirt! Maybe I can dye it....

The Pros:
  • Sturdy construction
  • Decent fabric, and having the underskirt separate means you can mix and match
  • Cheap! Again only $45AU including postage

The Neutrals:
  • Puckering in the skirt and awkward neckline lining - will see if it comes out with ironing!
  • Unfinished ribbon that is easily fixed.

Honestly, for under fifty dollars from eBay this is a fantastic dress. Given materials and time and effort I doubt I could make it for that price, so it's a buy I am very happy with. I'm wearing it to a High Tea this coming weekend and I'm going to feel very, very fancy.


  1. With the underskirt, look out for curtain material at opp shops. I just sewed an amazing underskirt out of a length of lacy curtain :3

    1. I did that once with lacy curtains but it made me itch. Can't wait to see yours :)

    2. If you do that, just make sure you get some cotton or some lining material and line it and/or wear bloomers and stockings under it. That should sold most issues with scratchy or itchy things. (Though if the lace is scratchy or itchy, it's probably not very nice lace)

    3. solve* not sold, sorry.

    4. I think I threw them away in the end because they weren't worth the effort of lining! :p