Thursday, 27 September 2012

Review #5.5: Bodyline - The Others

My wonderful man recently bought me an absolute haul of lolita from Bodyline! Such a haul, in fact, that I have split my reviews into various sub-sections to avoid gigantic uber posts of doom. This is the last section about the "other" things I got; a skirt, some bloomers, a wig for the model wardrobe and one of their costumes.

L303, M, blk

This skirt is really, really cute! I was a little worried that it wouldn't fit, given that I'm at the upper end of the measurement provided and the Alice skirt I previously ordered had been a bit tight but it fits fine! The gigantic bow is fortunately detachable and will soon be turned into a headbow. The print is nice and clear, the lace is decent and all in all it's a well designed and well constructed skirt.

Pan028, sax

Pan031, blk-blk and wht

I am perfectly capable of making my own bloomers, but these were all so ruffly and so cheap! I have a very limited patience with sewing excessive ruffles. They are all a perfect fit verging on being a tad small so I would advise if you're at the larger end of the supplied measurements maybe give them a miss. But they are nicely made, the lace is decent, the fabric is soft and they are covered in a shit ton of ruffles. What more could you want?

Wig089, pik

This wig is really gorgeous. I don't have a lot of experience with wigs but this one is soft to the touch and hardly shiny at all, so I think it's pretty good. No photos because we couldn't be bothered putting it on me properly but it will feature in a photoshoot soon so follow our facebook page if you want to see!

Costume511, 4L

We bought a lot of costumes for the model wardrobe and one for me as well. It's quite well made, very sturdy and the fabric is quite thick - it's actually really warm and I'm trying to figure out how I could get away with wearing the jacket with an outfit without it looking like a cosplay. However, the detachable bow is all wonky for some reason. I can fix it, either with ironing or a few hidden stitches but it's weird - every other bow on my Bodyline stuff has been great! Also, the pleats in the skirt are stitches together loosely which is odd, but it actually looks really cool in this case so that's totally okay. All in all I think this costume is great.

The Pros:
  • All the clothes are sturdily made from decent materials.
  • The wig seems quite nice and is soft and not shiny.

The Neutrals:
  • Sewn together pleats are an oddity, but it works and if it didn't they'd take a minute to remove, so not a problem at all.

The Cons:
  • Wonky bow is wonky. Fixable but stupid.

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  1. If you mean the bottom of the skirt (for the Shuffle uniform) are all stitched together it's meant to be picked out. They stitch it so the skirt holds its pleats during storage/shipping :)

    1. Thank you, I had learned that since I posted this review. It's a nifty idea!