Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Review #5: Bodyline

The title of this post may be a tad misleading, because this post is not in and of itself a clothing review. Fact is that my wonderful man recently bought me an absolute haul of lolita from Bodyline! Such a haul, in fact, that I have split my reviews into various sub-sections to avoid gigantic uber posts of doom. This is the introduction post with a few overall notes as well as links to the individual sections.

Like the first time we bought from Bodyline, there were no problems ordering or paying. The website is a little sluggish, but nothing too terrible.

Within the specified time frame I received the emails with tracking numbers - all ten of them! Bodyline splits orders for DHL shipping into 1.8kg packages...I think that demonstrates the immnesity of our order! It wasn't all lolita, we also bought some of their costumes and punk clothing for the Soul Capture model wardrobe. However, they really need to get rid of the part in their automated message that says items will be shipped within three days because DHL only ships on Tuesdays, and we ordered on a Thursday...that ain't three days.

As mentioned above, Bodyline posts on Tuesdays. And today, Tuesday one week on from shipping, we received all of our glorious packages. One week is not bad at all in my mind, and it's not even two full weeks from placing the order!

Grey postal bags, shoes wrapped in tissue paper and sandwiched inside piles of clothes in cute red bags? Check. No damages and a very happy me and James? Check check.

The pile of packages at the foot of the bed.

I am so excited and happy with what we got! I've never been able to leap this fully into a fashion style, and it's great to be able to give lolita a proper go straight off the bat. I have to say, honestly, I have the most awesome boyfriend in the world. Nuff said.

Other sections:
Shoes and Socks
The Others

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