Monday, 24 September 2012

Review #4: Fanplusfriend, Mystere Wonderland and Corsets-Au

Today felt like Christmas. James and I have been ordering quite a few things online lately, and this morning we got three packages! So here are three reviews - photoless this time because my photos didn't come out too well.

Firstly, and for me the most exciting, was this outfit from Fanplusfriend that James got for me!

I have to say, I love military lolita. And the jacket of this outfit so so gorgeous on it's own as well! It will work for lolita, steampunk and probably straight up "normal" fashion as well. The outfit is very true to the picture and also true to size - I had to get the Lady 90, which is a tad large, but there is corset lacing at the back of the jacket so it still fits fine. I'm probably going to replace the buttons and chain with something more brassy/coppery and perhaps cover the logo on the skirt but those are personal preferences rather than design faults. The skirt and jacket are both lined, and the main fabric feels decent. I think it's a poly-cotton because it doesn't feel like proper cotton. It's all sturdily constructed but some of the sewing is a bit messy. It also came with a little beret/hat thing that is very cute but the clips were sewn on really badly - one came off in my hair! So that's a bit of a re-do. On a good note, postage was very fast. I do have to say that it seems a little basic for the price, but I think it looks fantastic and it works well on me, so I am very happy.

Recently James also ordered this Infanta dress from the eBay store Mystere Wonderland for the Soul Capture model wardrobe.

It's way too small for me so I can't say anything about the fit, but it's a really beautiful dress in person and beautifully constructed. I know you can buy Infanta from other sites seemingly cheaper, but being able to pick it up from eBay probably works out cheaper because you don't have to deal with shopping services and besides, eBay is so easy!

Lastly we received three of a bunch of corsets we ordered from Corsets-Au - these are the ones that were in stock, the rest need to be made to order. These first three included an underbust with buckles and a plain overbust in black PVC for the model wardrobe, and a gorgeous cream brocade with black trimming in my size. Since corsets are corsets I haven't tracked down the original product photos but as usual with Corsets-Au they are really well made, steel boned, quickly posted and extremely well priced. I honestly wouldn't buy a corset from any other retailer unless the design was stunning because we've never had an issue with any of their corsets, and if you trawl the clearance section you can find amazing stuff for ridiculously good prices.

So, in summary.
Fanplusfriend: Fantastic outfit that's also potentially really versatile! Maybe a tad overpriced for what it is and how it's made but still a great buy with quick postage.
Mystere Wonderland/Infanta: Beautiful dress, super easy to buy and again, quick postage.
Corsets-Au: Why would you buy steel boned corsets anywhere else? Great products for great prices and extremely fast psotage!

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