Friday, 10 April 2020

Lolita Blog Carnival: Share A Bit About Your Favourite Piece & How You Acquired It

LBC is back! I really missed this so buckle up and let me tell you about my favourite piece...

Ahem.  That requires defining "favourite", which as you might know, is a bit tricky for me. Rather than agonising over it, I decided I'd just share a few pieces I love and a bit about how they came into my life, featuring some flatlays taken over the years.

First of all - Bodyline's Chocoberry skirt in black. This was one of my first lolita pieces, ordered way back when in 2012, and after many years it's still very "me". I have no memory of what prompted me to decide to order this but I'm glad I did as black based berry prints are very much a signature look for me now, and I have no idea if that would be the case if I hadn't owned and loved this skirt for so long.

Meta's Flower Bottle lucky pack skirt was, you guessed it, from a lucky pack - my first lucky pack, in fact, and I'm pretty sure my first brand as well back in 2014. Though at the time I didn't love this skirt, it has really grown on me over the years and now I wouldn't part with it.

Another favourite, and this one more recently acquired, it also Meta - the shirred JSK of Teddy Chocolatier. It was my 2018 birthday present to myself (well, one of!) and it was actually quite the impulse purchase. I just saw it, thought it was cute, and bought it! And I'm so glad I did because it's a beautiful piece, and quite different from the rest of my wardrobe. For a while my wardrobe felt kind of limited in terms of themes and colours, but from around this time it started feeling versatile again. I'm not crediting this JSK for all of that, but it certainly helps!

So that's a little glimpse into some of my favourites and how I got my mitts on them. How did you acquire your favourite piece of lolita?


  1. How on Earth did I miss LBC coming back?! Facebook is really terrible recently about keeping people notified what's happening.
    Both Teddy Chocolatier and Flower Bottle are such great prints, no wonder they're some of your favourites!

    1. I didn't get a notification, but the group is in the sidebar and I noticed there was unread activity. It was very exciting!

      I'm a firm devotee of the Cult of Meta, lol.

  2. que linda essas peças e esses coords, apaixonada!

  3. Im so excited because I've just joined the LBC! Looks like I came in just in time :) I loved reading this article!

    1. Welcome aboard! And thank you, glad you liked it ^__^