Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: July 2019

We are now officially, properly into the the latter half of 2019. And of course, the lolita bloggers of the world still keep producing awesome content! Here are some of my faves from the last month ^__^

Removing shadows in Photoshop from RuffleCloud's Adventures
First up we have a handy little tutorial on how to fix sunny day photos up in PS. With photos being such a big thing in our subculture, it's always handy to know how to fix things manually. I love PS ^__^

Eternal Twilight (Hellocon 2018) Trip Report: Day 2 from Rose Sanctuary
I'm a broken record, I know, but I always get a kick out of reading other people's event reports!

The (Controversial) History Of “Bittersweet Lolita” from Crimson Reflections
Now this was an absolutely fascinating read! I'm not even going to attempt a summary except to say that the person who coined the term "bittersweet" meant something quite different than most of us do when we use the term today.

Is Angelic Pretty Just Copying Meta? Conspiracy Theory from Cupcakes and Unicorns
I got some chuckles out of this post, but it is also a very interesting look into how themes get re-used a lot in lolita, and how innovation doesn't necessarily come from where we think it does.

Angelic Pretty Tea Party 2019 Outfit from Lolita Wonderland
I love it when inactive bloggers come back to their blogs, especially when it's with pretty flatlays ^__^

Why gyaru died and lolita lives from Miss Filigree
This is a topic I've never given any thought to, but was nevertheless fascinated to read all about!

Kawaii Harajuku Crepes (Japanese Street Food Recipe) | Japanese Cooking Video from Create Eat Happy :)
Not a lolita specific post, but for me at least cute crepes are very strongly associated with the fashion, and it's cool to see how to make your own!

What was your favourite blog post this past month? Drop a link in the comments!

Saturday, 27 July 2019

July lolita haul

Recently I ordered a little haul of secondhand lolita items. I ordered a burgundy Angelic Pretty cutsew cardigan, finally got my hands on a brown Millefeuille bolero from Innocent World (it was only 3k yen!), a black and pink AP cutsew, and two pairs of strawberry patterned socks.

Then, of course, since I had an open order with Japonica I kept browsing. I soon added a white Bodyline blouse since my current white blouse is not a good fit. After that I found a cute Metamorphose cutsew cardigan in lavender and since I'd been wanting to get a lavender top I leapt on it immediately (I was at work at the time and did a sneaky).

So overall, my modest haul ended up becoming quite a decent sized one! Not that I'm complaining ^__^ Though I'm totally sad about the fact that I was this close to getting Country of Sweets in white but Japonica wasn't fast enough...

Everything arrived to Japonica by July 14, I paid for shipping on July 15 and it arrived July 18 - not bad at all!

I'm really happy with everything! While nothing except the lavender cutsew blouse is a new thing in my wardrobe, they are all welcome additions in their own ways.

First of all, I need to emphasise how over the moon I am to finally have a Millefeuille bolero! The lace is absolutely to die for and it's just a beautiful piece. However, it's actually a very dark and cool shade of brown (the left side of the picture if probably most accurate in colour) so I'm not actually sure how useful it's going to be in my wardrobe!

On the flip side of the usefulness coin, however, is this AP cutsew! It black and pink and cute, so obviously it's perfect for me ^__^

Strawberry socks are also an insta-win for my wardrobe. I mean, these were a pretty frivolous purchase given that I already have ample black and red berry socks, but hey, I like them! And actually, I super love the stripy Crown Label pair - it's such a unique design!

This AP cardigan is actually a new item type in my wardrobe - I didn't own any plain lolita cardigans! I had real trouble getting the colour right, and it's still not quite there, but it's a pretty piece. Possibly a bit too plain for my tastes after all but we'll see how much wear I get out of it.

On paper the most boring part of this haul is this Bodyline blouse - but I really love it! It's pretty, comfortable, and definitely one of the nicer Bodyline blouses I've ever owned. It has the buttons for detachable sleeve but the sleeve are nowhere to be found but that doesn't bother me one bit ^__^

And the final piece of my haul, and the bit I was actually most excited about - the lavender cutsew! Something that wasn't evident in the listing photos (and isn't all the obvious in mine either) is that the collar and sleeves and buttons are actually all a very fine gingham cotton! It's such a beautiful and unexpected detail and this top just makes me really happy. Is that weird to say about clothes?

Anyway, these are my newest wardrobe additions. I'm very happy with all of them and am keen to trot them all out in outfits soon ^__^

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Then and now - how my lolita style has evolved

Ages ago I missed participating in a Lolita Blog Carnival topic that was to share your oldest and most recent coordinates with the same main piece. I've had a folder sitting on my computer with some old coords saved, waiting for me to finally pull out recent comparison pieces. I finally did it this week and actually found it very interesting!

First of all - the biggest time gap I could find! What i loved about this comparison is the bones are the same - bream blouse, cream legwear, minimal accessories - but the vibe could not be more different. In 2014 I did try to do colour balance (the shoes match the hat!) but didn't really have a cohesive style - unless mismatch bohemian art wank is a vibe. In 2018, even though it's still a pretty simple coordinate, the piece I used are more intricate and therefore the whole thing looks less...bland.

I will say though, I really want to wear my bowler hat again now ^__^

My outfit from 2015 is something I'm a bit happier to look back on. It was very old-school, with this amazing weird romantic blouse I found in an op shop. My only issue? It's not very me! It wasn't at the time and it still isn't. My 2018 outfit, on the other hand, is one of my favourite colour schemes and was just something I felt cute and happy wearing.

This comparison with Jam Paradise was interesting because I've paired it with the exact same bolero and honestly the rest of the styling isn't that different either - to me that really shows that by the time I got to 2017 I had a handle on my own lolita style.

That being said, I like the 2018 version more!

Coming into 2019 finally, I enjoyed seeing this comparison. Though I'm really hoping I have some undocumented coordinates with this skirt - I made it in 2015 and it'd be kind of embarrassing if it sat, unworn, for two whole years given how much I wear it now! Lately I've really been coming into my own in terms of casual lolita and while both these outfits are certainly casual, the 2019 is more deliberately casual, if that makes sense? I need more casual tops (or at least, need to wear the ones I have more often) and want to make a better habit of wearing hats in casual outfits - I love hats!

Generally speaking what I found from look at my coords over the years is that I've definitely become far more comfortable wearing lolita. It's only natural that experience (and a greatly expanded wardrobe) means that my newer coordinates are better, but I'm also pleased to have found my feet and know what feels like me. I'll be interested to do this sort of comparison again in a few years and see what my style is like then!

Friday, 19 July 2019

Lolita Blog Carnival: Create a Capsule From Your Own Wardrobe

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Am I ever happy this topic got picked this week! This was so much fun and, me being me, I am going to ramble to high heaven about how I put my capsule together.

See, I just had to make this harder for myself. There are a number of easy capsules I could do - sweet lolita in black and white with red (berry themed, of course), or black and white with pink sweet with more general themes, a classic collection (or several), a semi old-school black based sweet capsule. But I didn't want to do any of the obvious ones, I wanted to stretch myself and try something new.

Before I start telling you about what I specifically chose (which I will do in excruciating detail, trust me) I wanted to run over some of my principles regarding lolita capsule wardrobes. Broadly speaking, I have some core ideas in terms of number of pieces and types of pieces that I want to share.

Whenever I put one of these together in the hypothetical digital sense, I tend to base it off five main pieces. I feel like five is a good amount for a capsule - let's say you can make four or five unique outfits for each main piece (which may seem a little ambitious, but capsules are meant to yield a high amount of coordinating options) you've got 20-25 outfits, without factoring in things such a changing up small accessories and hair and makeup. If you wear lolita once a week, you're only wearing each coordinate twice each year. If you wear lolita once a month, you've got a couple of years worth of outfits! I also try to make sure I have at least two of each other item in an outfit to go with each main piece, so my capsules can appear to be a little light on main pieces compared to everything else. But I've always said I like more options rather than more dresses, and that's nowhere more evident than in a capsule wardrobe.

Then in terms of types of pieces, again I normally try for versatility. In particular I always try to have something more dressy in the wardrobe, and something more casual. Normally it's a matter of adding in an OTT main piece, and making sure there's a skirt and cutsew pairing available ^__^ I also really try to not depending too heavily on neutral colours, because in a small wardrobe too many neutrals is boring (at least to me), and to keep up some variety in fabric types and patterns in the supporting pieces. My usual set of main pieces includes three jumperskirts, one skirt and one onepiece, but that's not so much a rule but more of an attempt to keep things for getting too samey.

So I eventually decided on doing a sweet lolita capsule without any black, which really made me push outside of my usual styles. For my main pieces I immediately knew I would include Rococo Soul's Jam Paradise as well as Meta's Teddy Chocolatier and Flower Bottle. That gave me a brown/mint/pink colour palette, which I really liked, and was both cohesive and varied. I then thought that Dramatic Rose would be good to include, as it fits the colour scheme and also gives me something OTT and a tiny bit more classic leaning. Then I remembered that I now own Innocent World's Icing Cookie, which fits the wardrobe perfectly!

Also, how embarrassing is it that I'm at a point that I'm forgetting what main pieces I own?!?

Don't they make a pretty set? And I'm happy it's not a stereotypical me kind of collection!

I was a little bummed that none of my OPs would suit this wardrobe and that I didn't have a second skirt to include, but that's okay - I think I've still avoided being too samey. I did toy with the idea of including Jurassic Party, but the colours in that are just too far out. As it is, even though I'd ideally like a bit more variation in cuts I think I've still got good variety. I have one fancy JSK, three other JSKs in different cuts that are all thematically similar but visually quite different, and a fairly causal skirt. Overall, I also really enjoy the flowers and chocolate theme that's going on.

With the main pieces chosen, it was time to select blouses and outerwear. I decided to pick out two long sleeve tops, two short sleeve tops, one long sleeve and one short sleeve bolero or cardigan, one coat, and one set of fawn fur. It's my capsule, of course there's going to be fawn fur!

Blouses - a nice variety of chiffon and cotton.

A very diverse set of boleros!

A coat and some fawn fur ^__^

In the end, I found limiting my outerwear to one in each sleeve length just wasn't working for me so I ended up choosing two at each length.

After selecting those items, it was time for shoes and bags. It's my capsule, so I selected more pairs of shoes than is necessarily necessary. Same with bags - I could have just had by big offwhite bag, but that's just not interesting enough!

The shoes are arranged from tallest heels to flats!

Then it was time for what is one of my favourite aspects of lolita fashion - all the accessories! I started with headwear. Some items here were obvious, like the matching hairpiece for Dramatic Rose, but the rest were chosen to match well and give me lots of options. I tried to not go overboard, which was hard, but the idea of capsules is that they're small so I did my best to keep it that way! As well a big items I included some of my smaller bits, because it wouldn't be me without little bow clips.

For aesthetic reasons I decided to photograph socks and wristcuffs together - aren't they pretty? For once, however, my sock collection let me down a bit - I did not have a good sweet white x pink pair that suited the wardrobe. I also don't have any tights that go! But still, I think I chose some good and varied pairs to go with the wardrobe. In an ideal world I'd also have had something mint, but alas, I don't own them.

I did wuss out on photographing jewellery. I already had pulled out so much I was really not keen on having to put it all away after taking photos and didn't want to add a bunch of bracelets and necklaces and other tiny things. Just know that I do some have jewellery that matches as well ^__^

When I do photoshop capsules, I like to include example outfits. That was a bit daunting to do IRL to the extent that I normally do so instead I decided to put together the most interesting (your mileage may vary) outfit for each main piece that I could without repeating things between outfits. Since this post is already quite long, I'm going to not include commentary on each outfit for once in my life so please enjoy the pictures!

I also have one last outfit to share. James was hanging out with me for a bit while I was taking these photos so I asked if he'd want to put on together...and he did! So here's a flatlay picked from this capsule that he chose ^__^

I honest to goodness love this coord and fully intend to wear it sometime!

So there you have it, a capsule wardrobe made from my wider collection. I had a lot of fun putting this together, and I'm pleased that I chose not to run with any of the more obvious/easier capsules I could have done. It was a lot of work to actually photograph this all and I think I'll stick to digital hypothetical capsules in future but still, so much fun.

I need to end this post before I ramble more, so I'll leave you with a shot of the aftermath ^__^

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Friday, 12 July 2019

What's new in my wardrobe

aka random things that don't warrant their own posts but that I still want to share ^__^

Three things, to be precise!

Recently I finally cleared out my mending box and actually did the things I'd been procrastinating on. One of those jobs was fixing the elastic on Berry Stripe - I'm so happy I can wear it again! And another lolita thing was turning my handmade chocolate JSK into a skirt. Which is now done and even thought it's a mess on the inside and kind of a bit's done! I can finally wear it! I never wore the JSK for reasons I outlined in a previous post so I'm keen to take the new skirt version for a spin.

I was also gifted two lolita style dresses by a friend who realised they probably wouldn't ever wear. One is a pink onepiece that wouldn't fit my wardrobe, but will make for something fun to trash in a guro photoshoot, but the other is this Bodyline chunky gingham number. I have no idea what it's product number is, or if it was a "costume" or "lolita" piece, but I think it's pretty cute. Not something I'd have bought myself but something that I like having added to my collection all the same.

Last of all, at Sydney Supanova James and I paid a visit to The Decora Factory and of course I had to buy something! This headbow actually caught my eye when we visited the store at Madfest earlier this year, but I talked myself out of buying it then. This time I just let myself have it! It doesn't really match anything other than my Flower Bottle skirt but oh well, it's cute and I really love it.

It's always exciting to add some new things into my wardrobe so even though this post is a little bit all over the place I enjoyed sharing and hope you enjoyed reading ^__^

Sunday, 7 July 2019

AYWI30C #16: Break the rules

Would you believe me if I said that I actually had a really, massively hard time coming up with an outfit for this prompt? Honest to goodness, I really struggled hard. Until suddenly - it hit me.

The reason it took ages for an idea to form is that for this challenge I've really tried hard not to repeat main pieces. But I decided to throw that self-imposed limitation out the window because I loved this concept, and besides, isn't it kind of cool to do the follow and break the rule prompts with the same piece?

So the basic idea was to use this crop to from Pastelaxy in place of a blouse, and generally go with a trendy black-and-pastel street fashion vibe. I'm actually not even sure what to call this aesthetic, but I really like how it blends with lolita.

Adding the Angelic Pretty parka over the top of the crop top kept it from being too exposed -  not having something over the top to my mind would have just made it an outfit with a lolita skirt, not a boundary pushing lolita coord. But I enjoy the fact that the slightly risque artwork is still on display and once again pushes that line. It's super cute and colourful (which is totally lolita!) but also a bit saucy.

With all other aspects of the outfit, I just ran with items that suited the look without worrying about how properly lolita they were. Hence my Hello Kitty backpack instead of a purse!

And also hence the shoe choice! Honestly I love these shoes (bought in Harajuku ^__^) and while they're 10/10 not lolita, they go well in this coord. I made them a little more lolita-esque by adding ruffly pink ankle socks to soften the edges, so to speak. Though I'll be honest - if I were actually to wear this I think I'd layer some wide black fishnets underneath because somehow that just really speaks to me.

For the rest of my accessories I just did my favourite thing - lots of bracelets and my pastel jelly bands! I also used a cute rainbow star necklace, because rainbows, and topped the look off with a fluffy pom pom headband James found for me a while back.

What I find interesting with this look in the end is that in a sense I actually did tick all the rules in terms of modesty (except for the crop top, lol), structure, colour balance and that sort of thing. It's just that the style of certain items is not lolita. I don't really have a conclusion following that statement but all in all this was a really fun outfit to put together and when I'm at a point where I'm comfortably in a crop top I would legit wear something like this.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Coordinates from May - June 2019

Ahem. Apparently I went through all of May without wearing lolita once! I just…didn’t get around to it at all. Oh well, these things happen, though in retrospect it makes me feel rather odd that for the first time in ages I simply haven’t worn lolita for an entire calendar month.

And then, for the first week of June the trend continued! There were just no lolita opportunities...and the weather was very cold. But then one day, James and I ended up going on a spontaneous dinner date (which we sorely needed and hadn't realised) so I took the opportunity to frill up for it!

JSK: Innocent World Icing Cookie
Bolero: Maxicimam
Socks: Metamorphose temps de fille
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Badge: Madillustration
Everything else: Offbrand/Taobao

Food was yummy and it was great to have a date night! We also ended up going to the arcade in the shopping centre the restaurant is in and I got to show James such gems as the whack-a-crab game that I spent my late teens playing too much of ^__^

Bonus selfie to show off my necklace and (kinda) badge ^__^

I had also intended to wear a steampunk lolita outfit to the Friday of Sydney Supanova at the end of June but ran out of time to get it figured out and packed. Hashtag sad.

Aaaaand that was that. It feels really weird to be posting this with only one outfit over two months but oh well. I like to be consistent with my posting schedule even if what I wear is anything but. I think things are calming down a little bit now in my life, so hopefully that means more opportunities for lolita in the next two months ^__^