Sunday, 31 January 2016

Lolita 52: How satisfied I am with my current wardrobe

Short answer: Very!

Long answer: My wardrobe has finally gotten to the point where by my standards it is large. It’s certainly not huge, but it is more than ample for my needs, can yield a vast range of outfits of varying points on the casual-to-OTT scale, and brings me lots of joy.

A more OTT look I can pull with lots of chiffon. 

To be completely honest, my wardrobe actually feels complete at this point. Naturally, I’ll keep tweaking it ever closer towards true perfection but I don’t feel like I have any huge gaps that desperately need filling right now. However, doing my wardrobe post did make me identity some spots that need improving such as my short sleeved blouse collection. Getting some more summery outerwear may also be good. I’ll be doing another post shortly that distinctly outlines my wardrobe goals for 2016 so I can really focus on fixing all the little things that need fixing and getting that little bit closer to wardrobe perfection but to be entirely honest though I can improve my wardrobe, I am still very satisfied with where it is now.

And by contrast a very wearable casual look.

Earlier this year I actively went through my wardrobe and did a bit of that KonMari thing – I flicked through all my lolita clothes and could obviously feel when something made me feel meh rather than happy. And out those things came! Since then I’ve tried to be more selective. Having a proper job helps with that too because I don’t hang onto things for financial reasons anymore. If I don’t like it it’s gone. Obviously, I still try and resell things at reasonable prices (mostly so I have more lolita spendy cash) but it’s less of a factor now, which I really do think has helped me cultivate a wardrobe I’m happier with.

So I’m at a great point lolita-wise really, being very satisfied with how my wardrobe is now. How satisfied are you with yours?

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Jurassic Party is now available!

A couple of weeks back I introduced to to our brand, Wonderpunk. And now I am pleased to say we are accepting orders for our adorable dinosaur print, Jurassic Party!

Photographer: The Enthusiast
Model: Jemima-May
Stylist: Myself

This print is available in a full-shirred shirt and is a very limited run, with only seven pieces available. All the relevant sizing, material and ordering information is on the Wonderpunk facebook page so I will direct you there!

We're also holding an Australia Day special, where the first person to identify the four dinosaurs in the print gets 20% off when ordering Jurassic Party!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Review #41: Angelic Pretty Twinkle Doll Special Set

I received my lavender Twinkle Doll set on 12 January (yes, I know this is a little late but I had other things I wanted to post first!) and to be entirely honest I am both impressed and disappointed by it. Impressed because it's a really wonderful set, quite high quality for the price, and I love it and disappointed because wow... that dress is so darn short!

Before I launch into the rest of the review I'll share my sizing information, I'd say the JSK and blouse both fit a maximum bust/waist of 95/78CM and the JSK length (excluding straps, which are adjustable) is 77cm. 77cm! I'm 168cm tall and it is almost a miniskirt on me, which really bummed me out because I was looking forward to having something sweet but simple. As it stands, for that reason alone, I'm think of selling off the whole set. Having this experience, on top of the time when I bought Loyal Rosette, is really reinforcing that Angelic Pretty and I probably aren't going to get along, except in the occasional special circumstance. Which is a bummer, but ah well.

But as I said, I am very impressed by the quality. The JSK has some tulle in the lining for volume and one of AP's famous pockets. The fabric and the construction in a few places is less high-quality than one would expect from a lolita brand but on the flipside, there are three different and very good laces on it. The hem lace in particular is soft and adorable and features cakes, probably because it's the same as was used on the Whip Factory special sets.

The blouse has that same lace on the collar and is rather nice, if basic. The headbow likewise is of good quality and a nice shape. The socks are super adorable and have a good amount of stretch to them - they fit my hearty calves and still go over-the-knee and though the pattern stretches out to fit it doesn't distort in a bad way.

Despite the shortness, I'm hanging onto this for a little while consider it. In the end I may keep the headbow and socks but sell the JSK and blouse. Or I may invest in a nice underskirt. Or something. I'm not too sure but I hope this review was helpful!

Monday, 18 January 2016

2016 Wardrobe Post

It took me a while to get it all together, especially since I was waiting for my Twinkle Doll set to arrive (which I'll be reviewing soon, I just wanted to get my wardrobe post up first), but now it is done!

As always I've posted to EGL and don't want to cross-post the entire thing so click here to check out my wardrobe! I put more effort in this time around and did coords and detail shots for each main piece and I'm really pleased with how it all turned out.

If you posted your wardrobe this year, send me a link so I can check it out!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Introducing Wonderpunk

It has been so hard not to blog about this ever since we started but now I can... James and I have just launched the facebook page for our lolita fashion (and more!) brand Wonderpunk!

Photographer: The Enthusiast
Model: Jemima-May
Stylist: Myself

We already have previews of our first print, Jurassic Party, on the page and it will soon be available to order. I'll probably be posting any important updates here as well, but please like the page to get all the news as soon as it happens ^__^

Monday, 11 January 2016

Chocoberry outfits

Bodyline's Chocoberry skirt in black is probably my most-worn lolita piece. It's so cute and easy to wear, especially in super-casual ways, that I find I go to it more often than anything else.

I mean, how cute is that print? And I think that the lace and the ruffle trim are really nice so this is definitely one of Bodyline's top-notch pieces.

My first outfit was a casual look. Not really much to say about this, except I'm glad I now have strawberry socks to match! I maybe want to get a strawberry hairclip or two in future to be extra matchy-matchy.

Then I went in a completely new direction for this skirt because I wanted to match the skirt with these super-cute Baby socks. And I love it! I've never paired this skirt with so much not-black before and I really think it gives it a very different vibe. This is a much more typically sweet lolita look and as I said, I love it!

I know, I know. I've used a beret in every outfit in the post. But that's just how I roll, okay? This was a super casual "how would I wear this just to go out" look... you may not be able to tell in the picture but there's just a plain black t-shirt underneath the bolero. I would totally wear this. I would totally wear all three of these outfits. I guess that just further emphasises that this really is one of my favourite skirts.

Do you have an easy to wear favourite item in your lolita wardrobe?

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Lolita 52: Trends I thought I would never get into, but now I love and; Trends I thought I loved, but now I’m not too keen on

I’ve lumped these two topics together because this is going to be another “not really very interesting” post on my part because I’m largely ambivalent on lolita trends. I see them come and go, but I just pick up styling ideas I like and ignore the ones I don’t. I’ve never particularly hated or loved any or at least, I haven’t really had any changes of heart in that regard that were noticeable enough for me to, well, notice.

The closest thing I have to a trend I disliked but now like, is really big hair in sweet lolita. I never hated it, but was rather meh about it, but now, especially due to people like bowsbeforeboyss, who just seem so vivacious, I’m coming to like it more and maybe want to try it one day myself.

I honestly can’t think of anything that is a “love turning to hate” for me, so I’m going to end this incredibly wishy-washy post right here. If you have experienced any drastic changes of heart towards lolita trends, please let me know in the comments!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Tartan Check outfits

I spent some time on Boxing day replacing the worn-out elastic in the sleeves of BTSSB's Tartan Check Ribbon Tiny Sleeves JSK, one of my newest acquisitions. And, with the fixing all done I thought it'd be nice to try out some coording possibilities with it.

I've always had a soft spot for tartan, and this dress is not only pretty but is really super comfortable! I like that it's a bit old-school, but not so much so that that's the only way you can wear it. All in all it's a piece I'm very glad to have gotten my hands on!

Firstly, I wanted to put together something simple and old-school with it. I'm not a huge fan in the end though, it doesn't seem old-school enough. But it's an idea to play with in future, and I'd definitely still wear this.

Next I wanted to make something... well, totally me.I love this outfit! It's super cute, very comfortable and wonderfully cozy. Also, a random fact that I enjoy is that JSK, bolero and socks were all bought on Japanese auctions. Gotta love that online shopping.

Lastly I waned to try pairing it with the Alice in the Pirates cutsew that I did end up pinching from the model wardrobe after all. This outfit is quite simple but I think it's cute; off-white tights are meant to be included as well but don't look so good in pictures. This is less something I would wear but is still an outfit I think is really cute.

So you have any tartan in your lolita wardrobe?