Sunday, 31 December 2017

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: December 2017

Just because it has been holiday season doesn't mean that lolita bloggers have stopped blogging! As proof, here are some of the posts I enjoyed reading over the last month.

Catch-up Nov '17 from Sweet Dreams
This style of post just makes me happy. It's a little look into the life of this lolita and that just makes me feel all kinds of happy. Posts like his feel like a throwback to the old days of this fashion, when everyone was on livejournal and lolita cum personal blogging was the done thing.

Reflections on International Lolita Day 2017 from Effervisceral
I enjoy posts of a personal reflective nature, and that's exactly what this was.

Taking Back Daily Lolita from Vanilla Bear
I don't think I'd ever be a lifestyle lolita in the traditional sense, but I do enjoy reading about it.

Futuristic Lolita Fashion from Gravelvet
I get such a kick out of seeing  people do unique things with lolita fashion! And the cords in this post are nothing if not unique.

The 10 Day Lolita Challenge from Lolita Wonderland
This blogging challenge popped up at just the right time for me and I intend to complete it in the new year! All the author's posts from the challenge are in her December posts so there's lots of reading there if you want it.

Ribbon Tights DIY from ABC Lolita
Can you say brilliant idea? Because this is a brilliant idea! I am very tempted to make myself a pair of these tights if I ever want to go OTT.

Lucky Packs How To from Cupcake Kamisama
After being in lolita for a while it's easy to forget how overwhelming things can be at the start. Lucky packs (and special sets) in particular are a bit baffling on the surface of this, and this post is a great guide on what exactly lucky packs are along with some tips on whether or not you should get one.

Well, that's my last post for 2017! I hope you've enjoyed me blog (and the other blogs I've linked to here and elsewhere) and I look forward to sharing this corner of he internet with you in the new year!

Monday, 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, it's Christmas Day! Down here in Australia, at least ^__^

So I  wanted to wish my followers and anyone who's just randomly on my blog a wonderful Christmas, or a happy Monday if you're not a Christmas person. I'm currently at the start of three weeks off from work and I'm hoping to get my wardrobe post, a lot of general awesomeness, some blogging and maybe even some sewing done while I have the time.

Sharing a picture of this year's Krispy Kreme Christmas selection because what is a post without pictures and then I'm signing off to go eat my pork, potatoes, and pavlova ^__^

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Love Nikki (my current gaming addiction)

I’m kind of a one game at a time person – I play something, focus obsessively on it, then eventually move on. I often return to games, so my current lack of activity in Tamriel will not necessarily last (so I’m not losing my “I’m a serious gamer” cred, right?), but for now I’ve given it up for a delightful little diversion called Love Nikki Dress UP Queen (and yes, the capital UP is part of the title stylisation). I actually discovered this game because of a thread on CGL and fell head over heels for it.

This post isn’t exactly a review of Love Nikki, it’s more of a spreading the good news. It’s a very cute and very fun game, with a lot more intricacies of gameplay than you’d expect of a dress-up game. I’m utterly hooked and have also hooked three of my girlfriends on it as well…so it’s not just me who thinks it’s great. One this I love is that the clothes available range across so many styles – not just regular fashion but more niche styles such a mori girl and, of course, lolita.

I even made a few lolita outfits to show you how cute this game is! My collection is still limited (apparently I’m at 15% so I’ve got a long way to go) but I thought I cam up with some cute coordinates regardless, without resorting to using full pre-made suits (as outfit sets are called in game).

First of all I put together a cute little red-and-white sweet lolita look. It’s almost a cheat, styling wise, as the main pieces are a mesh of two different red-and-white lolita suits but I still did something different with the warm and fluffy accessories. I’m also getting Minako Aiko idol vibes because of the hair, and I like it a lot because of that!

Then I totally did cheat and use a full suit…I just wanted to show this one off! How perfect is it as a lolita outfit? I did change out the hair and face though, so I get to claim a tiny amount of creativity here. But this suit shows just how good this game is in treating alternative fashions like lolita – if this was real you could totally wear this coordinate out and it would be perfect.

For a third try (because all the best things are done in threes) I put together an opulent classic lolita coordinate, which I feel actually fits the current OTT classic trend quite well. I would so wear this if I owned it for a photoshoot or fancy event. I’ve also discovered that you can buy a cosplay of the suit that the bonnet with veil comes from and I’ll admit, that is now on my “to cosplay” list for when I slim down enough to fit back into a Chinese size L ^__^

And, as a last thing, I wanted to try my hand at an ouji look! Not my best work, but still cute!

So that’s a few of the way you can dress up if you play Love Nikki! I am really loving this game and thoroughly recommend it, for lolitas and non-lolitas alike.

Do you play any games that are somewhat lolita in nature?

Friday, 15 December 2017

Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 Regrets - List 5 Pieces You Regret Not Buying When You Had The Chance

I’ll admit, I have trouble thinking of five things I properly regret not buying! Mostly because (as you’ll know if you read this blog much) I just don’t tend to get hung up on particular items too badly, and at the same time if I really like something I tend to just buy it. However, I will do my best!

Metamorphose red crew socks
Okay, okay. This is the number one items I have genuine regret for not buying, because I’ve failed to do so twice and the regret has just increased. When I first discovered these socks they were out of stock. But then a sock lot acme up on Yahoo Japan including these, but I was outbid and instantly regretted losing the auction. I mean, it may have still gone for way over what I willing to pay, but I really wish I had bid more. And then Meta restocked them….and I chickened out because of price (in my defence, they are pretty expensive for such a small item). And by the time I realised that no, they actually would be a good piece for my wardrobe, they were sold out again. So much regret right now, so much.

Chocolate Rosette MTO
I’ve mentioned before that I really love Chocolate Rosette and I did contemplate getting it in the recent-ish made to order. But I didn’t, because it was a bit small for my current dimensions and AP is always a bit short on me – which are very valid reasons! But still, every time I see that JSK my heart flutters and I do wish I had it, even though it would be a goal piece for now. I mean, this is sensible regret, if such a thing exists. It was the right decision not to buy it so I guess rather than regretting not buying it I regret the fact that circumstances were such that the MTO did not come at a good time for me to buy it, because let’s be honest, if I were a lot thinner length be damned I would have bought it!

BTSSB fawn fur beret
This cute thing popped up on Yahoo Japan once, and I decided it was not worth bidding super high on, as I really didn’t want to pay that much for it. But when the auction ended and I didn’t win I was very bummed and realised I should have placed my top bid at least a little higher. And I haven’t seen it pop up at a reasonable price since. Ah well. I already have a fawn fur beret and other fawn fur headwear but what can I say? Fawn fur is my major weakness.

Dramatic Rose on sale
This is where I start clutching at straws a little bit and my memory grows hazy – I’m pretty sure AP’s Dramatic Rose JSK in lavender went on sale, and I decided the sale price wasn’t a good enough discount so I didn’t go for it. That was kind of the right decision, but at the same time I do pine after that dress a little, and haven’t found it secondhand at a price I’m comfortable paying. But see what I mean about not having majorly memorable regrets when it comes to lolita shopping?

And….that’s it! I don’t really have a fifth item to add to this list. I’ve typed and deleted a couple of things because really, anything beyond those (and even everything after item number one) doesn’t really count as something I regret not buying. I mean, sure, I like a whole bunch of things I don’t own, and there are many lolita thing in existence I would like to own in the future, but nothing really regret-worthy. And I like being relaxed in that way!

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

My lolita wardrobe five years ago and now

A little while ago I saw a Lolita Blog Carnival post "Compare Your Wardrobe from Your First Year to Now" show up in my feed from Cupcake Kamisama's blog and I immediately wanted to do this for myself. Fortunately, every January so far I have done a wardrobe post so I could just flick back to my first one in 2013 and see what had happened to my wardrobe.

Before I get into it you can view my first ever wardrobe post (after I'd been in the fashion around 6 months) here on EGL And if you want to see the 2017 post for comparison, that can be found here. Of course there have been some changes since that last post but they're mostly been additions! Just so you can follow along with what I’m rambling on about ^__^

The only big things from my first year in lolita that I still own.

My first thought in looking back to that first wardrobe post is that the only things that remain are most of the shoes, a single JSK and a lone skirt. What a change! And I know exactly why I got rid of all those starter pieces too. I was lucky and James bought me a whole bunch of stuff when I first started, but I really had no idea of how I wanted to wear lolita. So I got things that were cute and that I liked, but in the end a lot of them weren’t things that felt right on me. That’s why I actually think that a new lolita, even if they can afford it, shouldn’t buy too many items to start with. Buy an outfit or two and see how you feel wearing them, because otherwise you may end up with a whole lot of things that you then sell on quickly.

Once thing I’m pleased about, looking back, is that even then I had some sense of wardrobe cohesion. I have multiple blouses in different colours and several different colours and style of footwear. I think my legwear and headwear collections were pretty lacking but still. I was trying even if I wasn’t, by my standards now, doing that great a job of it.

Also, as a note, the majority of Bodyline blouses suck. Sweaty polyester nastiness central. I have one good cotton one that’s in my sewing pile for some alterations and I like my two chiffon ones but other than that I've been very unimpressed.

From my 2015 wardrobe post

Moving forward, 2014 was the year where I really found my feet, I feel. Looking at my wardrobe post from January 2015 reveals something that resembles my wardrobe now. Not as large, not quite as spot-on in terms of quality, and still a bit sketchy on style, but you can look at that and then look at my wardrobe now and tell they’re the same person. You couldn’t do that with my wardrobe when I first started! And now I feel like I’m in a really great place with my wardrobe; it’s cohesive and varied and I love it to piece ^__^

Other than quantity and cohesiveness something I want to write about a bit is the presence of brand in my wardrobe, because this is something that has changed as well. When I first started, I thought brand was expensive and too small and therefore immediately in my “nope” pile. And to an extent I wasn’t wrong. A new brand JSK costs $350 (in AUD and of course this fluctuates, especially since the exchange rate keeps getting worse for me!) and a blouse is $120. That’s a lot compared to say $40 and $25 from Bodyline, or $80 and $40 from a Taobao reseller (those are all ballpark figures, obviously). And in both size and length most brand items are designed for a Japanese woman  and even if lolita is apparently a chubby girl fashion, Japanese chubby is smaller than Aussie chubby! But despite being somewhat right I was also quite wrong; I’ve scored amazing deals secondhand and a lot of things fit me, even though I’ve gained weight since I’ve started. Brand was never unattainable and I regret that I felt like it was for a long time.

Some of my recent(ish) mostly brand flat lay coordinates

Further to that, something I’ve come to realise is that if you exclude brand from your wardrobe for any reason you really are missing out on a lot of what lolita has to offer. And I don’t mean that in terms of quality (though that does play a role) but merely in terms of variety. Things like prints are obvious – you can only get an AP print from AP (let’s not talk about replicas) – but also things like OTK socks are something I’ve found at you can’t really find at the same level outside of the big lolita brands. And on the flip side, I think that people who avoid buying from Bodyline or Taobao or western indie brands are also missing out! My point is that there is a huge range in lolita and with so much to choose from I think you shouldn’t buy something, or not buy something, just because of where it comes from (except for reasons of being an ethical consumer, but let’s not go into that). Not buying brand because it’s expensive, or avoiding Bodyline because it’s cheap, are to my mind silly reasons to avoid having things you like in your wardrobe, and I’m glad I’ve come to learn that.

So all in all my lolita wardrobe has come a very, very long way since I started. I know my style now, I buy the things I like regardless of their source, and I’m keen to see what it looks like in the years to come!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Lolita 52: How lolita has changed me

Wow, we have to end the Lolita 52 series on a poignant note, don’t we? So, how has lolita changed me?
  • I have a blog, this blog, and I really discovered a love of blogging
  • I’ve ventured back onto 4chan after a terrifying first experience with /b/ and have settled in the gentler waters of /cgl/
  • I have been to several meets (with more planned), which is a big deal for introverted me
  • I have a single settled alternative fashion that I wear rather than my previous hodge-podge of random things (though sometimes I miss wearing a rainbow, and my everyday style is still jeans or miniskirt + nerdy t-shit)
  • I have a better awareness of fashion generally and outfit cohesiveness, which really helps with styling photoshoots in particular!
  • I found a love of capsule wardrobes (in theory, not for me in practise)
  • I’ve challenged myself more with sewing than I think I otherwise would have
  • I am now a snob about lace and details in alternative fashion
  • I have discovered the joy of having a big, multifaceted hobby (to be fair, I’d had modelling and photography before, but that wasn’t a hobby I could engage in on my own and lolita is)
I also learned to love flat lays...

So lolita has changed some things about me. Nothing too dramatic on the surface of things, and I always have been a bit of an eccentric so I can’t claim that I “gained the courage to be myself” or anything because I already did that, but still. It’s been a great journey so far and I look forward to remaining engaged in this subculture for years more to come.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Lolita Blog Carnival: Build A Coord Using Only $100

So I finally joined the Lolita Blog Carnival! My reason for waiting so long was a simple selfish one- I didn't like the idea of having to post on a Friday! But that's a silly reason, and no-one but me probably notices or cares that I tend to post at very regular intervals so here we go. Besides, I feel very strongly about the lolita blogging community, so I really ought to get involved in one of the most long-running fixtures of it. And I've already blogged on some of their topics after the fact so yeah. It's about time!

Enough preamble and onto the topic of the week: a coordinate that costs only $100. My maths may be a bit shoddy (due to currency conversions) but I did three, so that makes up for it...right? Also, as a note these do not include the necessary petticoat nor do they factor in shipping.

OP: $50 Shoes: $30 OTKS: $18 Beret: $1 Bow: $1

First of all I headed to the Bodyline site to see what they had, and this OP caught my eye. Given that it's so striking on it's own you can go very simple in the accompanying pieces which kept this under budget and allowed me to pick up some nice brand OTKS from Closet Child to go with it. Seriously, the reason I love berets and bows so much is that they are ridiculously cheap and versatile!

JSK: $42 Blouse: $17 Shoes: $27 Tights: $5 Flower crown: $7 Bracelet: $1

For the next coordinate I pulled together a look that took advantage of the range of items available from Taoabo re-sellers to do something that I think is rally quite cute and elegant. If I wore white I would definitely wear this.

Skirt: $40 Cutsew: $18 Boots: $30 Tights: $3 Flower crown: $4 Bows: $2 Bracelets:$3

For the last look, I took to Wunderwelt to see if I could find a cheap printed brand main piece, just to see if it could be done and I stumbled on Angelic Pretty's Rose Toilette! I actually love this print (on other people, that is) so it was fun to put together a look for it in my ultimate favourite colour scheme.

It was really fun doing this sort of thing again and trying to work on a budget. It's challenging, but you can do it, and I really enjoyed coming up with looks that I was happy with that stayed under budget.

If you are interested in knowing sources of individual items please let me know!

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