Saturday, 8 February 2020

An updated lolita wishlist

Since I’m jetting off to Japan again soon, and want to be very careful about my spending there, I thought it was a good idea to really solidify my wishlist. As you know, I’m not much of a one for cultivating a dream dress list, and I don’t actively hunt things down nor spend much on them. So in a sense, this is more of a “remember not to buy things that aren’t on this list” list but whatever, it’s still fun to share ^__^

First off, I reviewed my last wishlist post from 2017 and I'm pleased to say that since then I've achieved several of the items set out there, and that’s without really trying. Berry Stripe for the black x berry category, Icing Cookie for the food print in brown (yes, yes, it's pink but it filled the niche I wanted filled), Rose Stripe Shirring for the spring green floral, and my Victorian Maiden underskirt for the black skirt.

But enough about the past and onto the future! Here's my updated comprehensive wishlist, complete with images! The images, however, are just examples - while I love those specific items I'd be happy with anything that ticks the box. Most importantly, I’m not going to buy anything that doesn’t fit me currently as I’m trying really hard not to hoard things that are currently not usable for me.

Main Pieces

A white and pastel sweet JSK or OP
This is a desire that has grown since I missed out on buying Country of Sweets. I really want a sweet-sweet dress, but don’t want to be overly pink and I don’t look so great in a lot of other pastel colours. But I figure white and rainbow is pretty much perfect for me so I’m keeping my eyes peeled for something cute and colourful on a white base.

A sweet black berry print JSK
I’m very specific with what I want here. It has to be a noticeably different print than the other berry pieces I own, and it cannot be fully shirred. But other than that I’m open to pretty much anything. I know, I know, I just said that I’d achieved this goal from 2017 by getting Berry Stripe but I want even more berries dammit!

A long sleeved classic OP
I don’t own a long sleeved OPs at all, and I’d love to get my hands on something very Victorian in style. Probably a solid fabric, though I’m okay with an all over print or pattern as well. I’d like to get this in a dark colour, probably brown or wine, but not black.

Another oddball
What do I mean by an oddball? Well, I want something that’s different from the rest of my wardrobe. I love building up little capsules, but I also enjoy variety. Something in lavender or yellow would be good, I think, or maybe mint or dark green. Or a pattern like big polka dots or stripes or an unusual tartan or lovely, tacky gobelin. Just something that’s unusual compared to everything else I own. I’d like this to be a JSK or maybe an OP, but not a skirt.

Next up, the most numerous category, headwear!  I'd love to get my mitts on the following colours of headbow, the substyle desired for each indicated in brackets.

  • Ivory (classic)
  • Offwhite (sweet)
  • Red or red x white (sweet)
  • Black x red (sweet)
  • Mint (sweet)

Unsurprisingly, I don't really have many needs in terms of legwear. However, there are a few pairs of OTKS I'd love to find to match some of my newer pieces.

  • Mint or mint x white (sweet)
  • Dark green - can also have brown and ivory (classic)
  • Spring green - can also have offwhite and red (sweet/classic)
  • Purple (sweet)
  • Chocolate pattern (sweet)
  • Black x pastel (sweet)

I only have a few things in my blouse wishlist, some things that I culled in my recent purge and would like to replace and a couple of others.

  • Long sleeved brown blouse or cutsew (sweet)
  • Long sleeved white blouse or cutsew (sweet)
  • Short sleeved lavender blouse or cutsew (sweet)

However, I’d also love to get a patterned blouse or two, possibly gingham in red, black or pink and also a floral blouse, something with a real 70s Little House on the Prairie vibe. Since those are a lot harder to come by I’m not really adding them to the list but if I spot one for a good price I’ll leap on it!

I am also in need of a new bell shaped petticoat. My Classical Puppets petticoat, which I’ve had for years, finally gave up last year. I was legitimately sad. I’m probably going to just order from MeLikesTea again but am open to other (cheaper!) options as well so if you have any suggestions let me know.

And that’s really about it! I mean, there’s things I’d love to have, like a full rainbow of pretty boleros, but these are the dresses I really want and the supplementary pieces I “need”. The word is in quotes because honestly, even if I never bought anything else (even the petticoat!) I could still make so many unique outfits from my current wardrobe that I don’t desperately need anything. But I like having a well balanced collection so onto the wishlist these things go!


  1. We stan a comprehensive, detailed yet not overly specific wishlist. Many of these, particularly the main pieces, I'm sure you'd be able to find cheaply whilst in Japan (will you venture anywhere outside of Tokyo? Nagoya has a gem of a second hand lolita shop and Osaka is decently loaded between Closet Child, Maiden Clothing and Near).

    For petticoats, based on seeing them in real life, I can confirm that the Aurora and Ariel ones, which are something silly cheap on their Taobao shop, are very poofy (if you follow @kittykinns on Instagram, she wore hers with Unbirthday, which gives you an idea of how it behaves with a polyester dress).

    1. Late reply, just back from Japan, and would you believe I bought hardly any lolita?

      Thank you for the petticoat recommendation, I'll look into them!

  2. Oh! I love how your wishlist isn't composed of specific items like most I've seen. I hope you have a lovely time in Japan!