Wednesday, 19 July 2017

My Lolita Wishlist

Most lolitas have dream dresses – main pieces they really want, actively hunt down, and will sometimes pay over retail price for. I am not one of these lolitas. There are a lot of items and prints I admire in this fashion, too many to name, really, but I don’t have any holy grail items. I have a few reasons for this; I like to buy my lolita items fairly cheaply if I’m buying secondhand and thus some things I quite like are beyond my budget, I don’t like the idea of locking myself into an idea of “this is what I really want” because I like to be surprised by all the wonderful pieces out there, and, quite frankly, nothing has ever made me fall quite so head over heels that I’m willing to change those things (though I’m not opposed to the idea).

However, if you’ve been here for a while you’ll know I have certain goals for perfecting my lolita wardrobe and in addition to that, I thought I would share my fairly vague lolita wishlist. How is it vague? you ask. Well, my wishlist is more for “types” rather than specific items…

Cherry or Strawberry JSK or OP in Black
With two skirts in this theme/colour scheme I just want one more piece to round out this little section of my wardrobe, because much as I love skirts I love JSKs and OPs more. I’m really not too fussed which print this is, and there have been a lot over the years! However, I think I’d prefer something with a big, bold print, and not too many fussy details, and I’d also rather it didn’t introduce any secondary themes (looking at you, Angelic Pretty, with your bunnies!) so it’s easier to work in with my wardrobe. Whether it’s strawberries or cherries I really don’t mind, but you know what would be awesome? A print with both!

Chocolate, Candy or Biscuit JSK in Brown or Ivory
Again, I have two pieces in this theme – my handmade chocolate underbust JSK and my Jam Paradise dress – and just want another one! I definitely want a JSK though – all the coordinating variety and none of the limitations of the other main piece cuts. And again similarly, there are a whole lot of different pieces in this theme that have been released, it’s just a matter of finding one that will fit my body and my budget. I’m also really chillaxed about what it is. Another chocolate bar print? Cool! Cookies? Also cool! How about just sweets? Very cool! On colour I’m also a bit flexible, I definitely want brown but given these kinds of prints tend to include brown in the design, I’m happy with an ivory as well. Of course, pinks and mints are really gorgeous in this theme, but I’d rather versatility for now.

Generic Sweet Print JSK in Black x Pink
I know it’s completely passé, but I really love bittersweet lolita. I was a teen when emo and scene where the dominant alternative fashions, and I love how bittersweet lolita is reminiscent of that aesthetic. It adds some edge to this fashion, without going all full on punk. And I love black x pink as a colour scheme. So, something that I’ve wanted to get for a while now is a black JSK with a generic pink pattern. And by generic, I pretty much mean bows. I just want something that is in the colours and style I love, but that isn’t locking me in thematically. And basically, in lolita that pretty much means bows. Or stripes, or dots, or gingham, I suppose. But probably not gingham.

Floral JSK in Spring Green
A few years ago Metamorphose released a dress I just died for. I’m not even quite sure why, but I love it. Then Innocent World did something similar, and then again this year I’ve fallen for an AP floral in a lovely light and bright green shade. After all this love I’ve realised that I do want a fresh green floral piece. I did previously own a Bodyline OP that satisfied my desire, but the fit was always a bit awkward and I wasn’t completely sold on the cut, so it’s now with a new owner. But I still sometimes wish I had kept it, flaws and all, so this is definitely something I am keeping my eyes peeled for.

Floral JSK or OP in Lavender
This is me being a bit frivolous, but I’d love to branch out into a new colour here. Much like I have a single sax blue floral, I’d like to have just one lavender piece. I don’t think pastels of any kind will ever become dominant in my wardrobe, but I would like to expand my colour palette further. And besides, if I get myself a nice lavender floral, Jurassic Party won’t be quite so lonely, and I won’t feel bad about getting matching lavender pieces!

Black Skirt
No pictures, because not that exiting, but I’ve mentioned before that I want to get or make a plain black skirt and that’s till true! Just something that’s cute, not too fussy, and easy to wear. Mostly this would probably end up being worn in casual coordinates, but hat’s awesome, because I know me and I’m more likely to wear casual than anything so why not introduce a piece into my that allows me to wear casual more often? I’ll probably end up making this piece, because I’m a bit cheap when it comes to non-prints, and especially skirts. JSKs are harder to make, but shirred skirts are easy as! I guess this will be a project the next time I get a week off work.

Gobelin Coat, Cape or Jacket
Have I ever mentioned how much I love gobelin? If not…I love gobelin! Oh my goodness, so gloriously almost-ugly, it’s just makes me happy. And so, I’d love to get myself a nice winter outerwear piece in floral gobelin fabric. To be honest, I’m daydreaming about making myself a fur trimmed cape, lined in something super warm so it’s actually practical, but that would be a make-it-myself affair, and I know it will take me a while do get around to it, so I’m keeping watch for an appropriate piece in case one pops up before I can get to sewing.

Of course, I’m likely to end up buying things that aren’t on this list as well, but these are the distinct items I am keeping an eye out for in the hopes of finding ones that fit my taste, size, and budget. What does you lolita wishlist look like?


  1. Gosh, that Gobelin cape is perfect! I also share the love, because I love textured fabrics and florals so it ticks all my boxes. I keep thinking I want more cherry berry pieces, because they're nice and retro and fun to wear, but I share your agreement that it must be just fruit, no animals sneaking in on the border, no matter how cute they are.

    1. I know! Ugh, just so lush and perfect!

      Haha and it is so hard sometimes to find thing without a little something else added into the print...

  2. Your attitude of having a vague wishlist of themes and colours rather than specific prints is really nice! As you said, that way you'll be able to obtain pieces more easily and cheaply, since so many dresses could fit the categories you have here. Alas, I fall in love with specific prints and cuts all too easily, so I'm not sure this would work for me. Best of luck!

    P.S. The green floral AP dress, that new one, is on sale, but why at only 20% off? 20% is not enough... :(

    1. Oh I do fall in love with individual things, just not *enough* in love sometimes!

      Haha well...I have a Yahoo Japan haul on it's way to me which may or may not have two of the items on the wishlist in it...

      Really? That's great but yeah, 20% off is not enough for me. If it hits 40% off though I may just have to buy it.

  3. I completely agree with you on sweet prints in pink x black! I also love them because they're so versatile in terms of coording possibilities. Black pieces are easier to get away with wearing daily, so you can coord them casually, in regular style coords, or mix them with edgier pieces!

    1. Exactly! Haha you phrased that all so much better than I could.