Monday, 12 August 2019

Review #52: Lady Sloth Verrry Berry Picnic

Late last year, Lady Sloth teased a print that I was very excited about - Verrry Berry Picnic. Not only was it a berry print (that wasn't cherries or strawberries), it came in purple! I'll admit, in the months leading up to the actual reservation I did go back and forth between the purple and the lavender but when The reservation opened in May, after consulting with the husband, I got the "casual" OP in purple, along with the matching headbow, beret, and raspberry necklace.

For a moment after ordering I looked at my bank balance and was sad, but then I tried a little experiment. Did you know that if I were to buy equivalent items from Angelic Pretty, the total (both prices converted to AUD) would have been $506 instead of $319? That made me feel a lot better about making such a  big purchase - I got everything for less than the price of a new brand OP. And besides, when have any of the big brands released a purple berry print?

When I ordered it was estimated that the series would ship in June. However, towards the end of June on Instagram they announced there was a 2-3 week delay on shipping, so I was prepared to wait a bit longer. On 3 July I received a PayPal request for the remaining fees and shipping, which I promptly paid. Then finally, just as I was contemplating messaging because it had been a while, I received my tracking number on 25 July. And then, with my impatient self checking the tracking several times a day, I finally got the package on 8 August. Everything was all wrapped together in a plastic bag inside the padded postage satchel and I had fun pull it all out and trying it all on!

I didn't put the detachable red bow and sash on for the photo, but they were included, don't worry!

First up, the dress itself. It's perfect, well-made, gorgeous cotton fabric, has two big pockets, and fits like a dream. I ordered the XL and while I can't tell you what the advertised measurements were (since the page is gone from their website) by my measurements the bust is 98-120cm and the waist is 92-114cm. So there's a great amount of give with the full back shirring.

One thing that really impressed me with the dress beyond the fact that it was honestly a really phenomenal dress, is the pattern matching at the side seams. This picture below? That was the less well-matched side!

My only small complaint about the dress is that though it comes with a sash, it doesn't have belt loops or buttons or anything to help hold it in place. Which means I'm not likely to use it because I don't like things that aren't secured properly! AKA I'm clumsy and if it ain't pinned down it ain't gonna stay on ^__^

I'm glad I got several of the coordinating pieces and in particular the headbow is really well made, I love it. The beret is also done well, but it way too tight on me! I'm pretty sure I have a perfectly average head, so be wary of Lady Sloth berets if you have any other than a small head. So I'm a bit disappointed in that, because as you know I really love berets.

I may try taking it apart a little to make it bigger, but knowing me I also probably won't get around to that for a few years ^__^

The necklace, like the headbow, is pretty darn perfect. It feels sturdy and is really pretty! I think it's lovely, and I am loving how Lady Sloth is continuing to come out with complete series like this. I was honestly tempted to get some more brooches or necklaces from this series, but in the end just went with this one.

Last of all, here are the extras that came in my package! The postcards are duplicates of what I got with my bolero earlier this year, but the sticker set is gorgeous and I think it's a super cute idea to include, and I loved seeing a sample of their new bat lace.

Overall I'm very happy with this new wardrobe addition! Yes, I am bummed about the beret but other than that everything is really great quality in all aspects - design, the fabric, the construction. I've loved seeing Lady Sloth grow as a brand and it looks like they're only going to continue producing really unique and original prints, so I fully intend to continue supporting them when they make things like this that I love ^__^


  1. Ah, I was so close to getting this myself too, I really liked the halterneck JSK. The print is so nice and so much appreciation for all the other berries makes me very happy! It's a shame about the beret though, you'd think with that tiny bit of shirring it would fit better.

    1. The halterneck version would have suited you and your retro style so well!

      Yeah, I don't know if I actually have a much larger head than I thought or if maybe I'm wearing it wrong, or something else. But oh well, I have other berets ^__^

  2. ahhh I am glad I read your review. I ordered a piece from them earlier in August, and was wondering why it was eternally in "processing..." I guess I shouldn't expect it to arrive before October or November, eh? I guess hand-making takes time. Nice review! Thank you.

    1. Yes, they do take quite a while, and in my experience there will always be some delays from their projected delivery time. Glad you liked the review!